Left Behind: Supernatural Fanfic

I’m a geek, and I write fanfiction. I especially like the format of drabbles, and I take part in a few drabble challenges. I’ve decided to post them here on Sunday’s once in a while when I write them, for people who might be interested. Maybe I’ll take on some other fandoms or get some of our other writers here to join in on their favorite fandoms! Want us to post a flashfic or drabble you wrote? Submit it to girlsaregeeks@gmail.com

Challenge word: independent
This is set pre-series while Sam is at Stanford, no spoilers.
Word count: 100

Left Behind

“Ouch, fuck!” Dean shouted at the empty motel room. He carefully tried to maneuver the sharp pine branches out of where they had lodged themselves in his leg.

His efforts were met with more pain.

“Wouldn’t have landed in the damn tree if there was someone watching my back.”

He tipped up the bottle of whiskey to dull the pain.

“Gotta go off by himself. Gotta be Mr. independent,” Dean mumbled to himself as finally the branches pulled off and blood spilled out in many tiny rivulets.

Tears stung in his eyes as he awkwardly wrapped his leg.

“Fucking trees.”

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