Geeky Flickr Finds 8-31-10

Today’s Flickr finds are an interesting assortment of amusement. Also, colorful, which is nice because I’ve been staring at gray Puget Sound all day. I hope the weather gets better for PAX in three days! Okay, on with the Flickr fun.

floodllama has quite a nice stash of interesting legos including centaurs and everyone’s favorite aliens from Toy Story, but where’s the claw? (The Claw). Four more beyond the jump! More

3 Days Until PAX: Games

Let’s be honest, PAX is a video gaming convention, and one of the things that people really want to do there is play video games. Fortunately, there are a variety of games to check out on the expo floor. The games range from big name to indie to local developers, and encompass a variety of styles. Here’s some stuff we’re excited about.
A shot of one of the PAX East games.

Mathematical Monday 8-30-10

I just spent a week doing science! so I’m in a science! mood. Therefore, you get my favorite English-Metric conversions. I memorized most of these 14 years ago, and they are still useful to me today.

2.54 cm in an inch, oh, and btw, a cm is about the width of your pinky finger

1.06 qts in a liter

454g (0.454kg) in a pound

25C is room temperature

37C is body temperature

So, now the next time you need to convert something, use of these! Enjoy your Math today.

How To Approach A (Hopefully) Single Geek

I’ve noticed that many of us here are going places soon, there is a lot of talk about Dragon*Con and of course I’m going to PAX with Dawn and Gardella. If you are the single type, this is probably a good place to try and meet someone with similar interests to you, and so we want to give you some Do’s and Don’ts in our personal opinions of dealing with Geeks of interest. This was a brainstormed list of what the three of us (Rosalind, Dawn, and Gardella) would want, so if you have ideas, extensions, or suggestions, please add them in the comments!

4 Days Until PAX: Celebrities

One of the great things about going to places like PAX is the possibility of running into someone totally awesome like Wil Wheaton. Okay, that’s my dream, but there are many equally awesome celebrities to be found at PAX and here’s how to find them, and how not to freak out when you do!
Two of my favorite celebs in one place! Swoon! More

5 Days Until PAX: Swag

PAX East, 2010, was my first PAX, and it was quite the learning experience. Therefore, I thought that I would give people some quick ideas of what to expect and how to make the most of your PAX experience. All week, I’ll have brief articles on various things to know to improve a PAX experience.

Today: Swag

Some swag gotten by Alex and found on Flickr More

Weekly Link Goodness 8-28-10

Happy Saturday Morning! I have been enjoying the sights of Seattle all week, in between talk about microbial ecology saving the world that is. Just a little less than a week until PAX! Anyway, even with my adventures, I have scoured the interwebs for fun things to check out, so here are your weekly links!

Ink Cartridge SciFi Dioramas – This is the best use of used ink cartridges I’ve ever seen! – Rosalind

Super Mario Art – Here’s some great examples of what people do with Super Mario Bros when they are creative and artistic. – Rosalind

Brick Structures – There’s a new guy out there who is a lego-loving architect with a new line of lego buildings, like the White House. – Rosalind

Weird Unofficial Fighting Game Match-ups – These duelers aren’t exactly what you might expect, but man do some of these games sound fun to play! – Rosalind

Jus’ Checkin’ – this is described as “A comic about the perils of the Internet, especially if you’re a comment-hungry, egocentric artist.” – Rosalind

Wookie the Pooh – Now this is a mash-up I can get behind! – Rosalind

Geek Eye Chart – Better than your average eye chart, this one is for reading and picking out the fonts of your favorite pop culture media. I caught at least three Star Trek’s! – Rosalind

1 Week Until PAX: Gabe!

O.M.G. We are only a week away from the greatest video game convention this year! I’m already in Seattle learning the lay of the land. Actually, I’m at ISME, the International Symposium on Microbial Ecology. That’s been pretty great. Still, I’m more excited than ever about PAX. I have a color coded, highlighted schedule. I have handmade costumes for the pub crawl. I have a collection of games to play in line. Yeah, I’m close to ready.

Now, I just have to worry about one more thing: how to not go super-crazy-squee-fangirl when I meet Gabe and Tycho! Last week, we highlighted just how awesome and incredible Tycho is, and this week we’re going to talk all about the ever-so-much fun Gabe! Gabe is so hilarious that it has been tough not making this article really, really, really, long. I hope that you enjoy Gabe as much as we do, and I hope that he’s incredibly awesome close-up and in person!

Sexy Gabe is sexy!


Geeky Etsy Finds 8-26-10

I know, last week there were no Etsy finds and therefore nothing to spend money on, sad. However, this week there are two great women with some great jewelry for you to show off your geekiness, in subtle interesting ways of course! Check them out!



Geeky Flickr Finds 8-18-10 to 8-24-10

Dawn is off galavanting in NYC at the moment, so your Flickr Finds are both late, three hour time difference in Seattle is crazy, and narrated by me, Rosalind. He. he.

Yup, that’s a Dalek in a library. It was part of National Science Week 2010. Libraries ACT must have had to be really carefully reshelving that day. More

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