Geeky Flickr Finds: 06/22-28


In today’s world of quick communication, what better way to express your favorite txt acronym than with a speech bubble pillow. Check out these Polaroid shots of a few samples from Throwboy. More

Geek Crush: Protomen

For our second official geek crush, I decided to go with a new love. I was first introduced to this band through a friend who usually has questionable taste in entertainment. However, I decided to give Protomen a chance when I heard about the basic premise behind their music — telling the story of Megaman through a dramatic rock opera. Maybe it was that initial bias that made me give them a listen at all, but after seeing them live at PAX East in March of this year, oh it was love.

It may stem from my initial love of rock operas (I may or may not have a thing for Andrew Llyod Webber musicals …) but the idea of telling a story through song is definitely what started the blossom of our relationship. Their live presentation, which included wonderful costuming and theatrical performance is what brought Protomen to exclusive level of Girls Are Geeks Geek Crush.


Timewaster Tuesday: Freecell

Back when Rosalind posted about Minesweeper, I was inspired to do the same about my favorite basic Windows game, and that’s Freecell.

Usually when I tell people I love Freecell I get one of two reactions. Either “You’re crazy, that game is impossible to win!” or “I don’t even know how that game works.”

Luckily for you, I’m here to say it’s not impossible (in fact, nearly every game has been beaten) and it’s a pretty simple concept.

Hopefully, after reading on, you won’t be so intimidated by my favorite card game.

Geeky Flickr Finds: 06/15-21

Rosalind and I had a pretty busy time last week (See yesterday’s post), so this week you get a double dose of Flickr finds. Last week’s right now, and this week’s tomorrow. Enjoy!

The Unplugged Pool

Unpluggd, my favorite technology-themed interior decorating blog started a group pool on Flickr, so I had to let you know about it. If you haven’t checked out Apartment Therapy Unpluggd, I suggest you do so if you love functional and pretty things. More

How to Enjoy Adult Walt Disney World

I know that things have been kind of sparse around here lately, and that has been mostly due to a little bit of trip insanity. Trip insanity began with a week long field excursion for the purposes of science! to Colorado and then ended in four days of Walt Disney World vacation. It’s that last one that I want to talk about today. The sisters of Girls Are Geeks are Disney geeks. No question. I’ve been going to Disney since I was 2 years old, and have experienced it in almost every way possible. Now, when I tell most people who I know today that I am a Disney at the fabulously young adult age of 28, many of my friends and colleagues ask, “But isn’t Disney for kids?” Well, after yet another four days of fabulousness at the Happiest Place on Earth, I can tell you for certain that the answer is a resounding, “No! It’s for all ages!” and I thought I would spend a few minutes to talk about some of the more adult activities at Walt Disney World, and possibly even some of the geeky activities that you can enjoy while there.

An evening of dinner and drinks sounds like a plan to me. Space Mountain in the background … even better!


Geeky Etsy Finds 6-24-10

Sorry things have been quiet around here, but I’ve been out in the field doing science! for about a week and now I’m going to Disney for a long weekend. Two of my favorite geeky things, but not a lot of time for blog posts! Promise to be back next week with all sorts of goodies. If you bug us with comments, Dawn might even post some of the stuff I know she’s been working on while I was gone. Anyway, since I was doing science all week, we are starting off today with a scientist turned crafter! Our second one is not about science, but is all about Nintendo DS’s which are great on plane trips like the ones I’ve been taking. Enjoy!

Beadwork By Amanda


Weekly Link Goodness 6-20-10

A day late, but still good. Maybe you can share some of these with your geeky dad for Father’s Day!

How Video Game Movies Get Made – An Infographic – This explains a lot.

Homemade Stargate – Can I have a Stargate in my backyard? Well, if you are very crafty, you can certainly try!

Discovery Island Photo Adventure – These guys snuck into Disney’s closed Discovery Island to take pictures. It’s pretty awesome!

Robotic Lego Chess – I think the title explains all. You have to see this video! Make sure you watch the whole thing, wow!

Colored Bacon – It’s a rainbow of bacon! I want to try this so badly.

Ecology: A Venn Diagram

So, I am going to be scarce for the next four days because I am at the intersection of playing in the mud and doing science! Wait! Did I say intersection? Hey, that means it’s a Venn Diagram! I love finding new Venn Diagrams in my life, don’t you. So, if there is anyone out there who likes both science! and playing in the mud (and who doesn’t, really) then this tells you what to do with your life. I’m doing it, and it is awesome, most of the time. Today, I get to play with lots of dirt that used to be 10-19ft below the ground on a site that used to have a vanadium-uranium processing plant on it. Cool. Yes.

There you have it: Ecology is my favorite science. Also, if you will refer to a previous Venn Diagram, you will find the other reason I love Ecology. Now, I have to go do science! Enjoy.

Geeky Etsy Finds 6-17-10

Another wonderful round of geek stuff to be found on Etsy. Support your fellow geeky crafters and check these out!

Scary White Girl Designs

Who doesn’t want cute crocheted stuff around their living space, that also happens to be in the shape of say, a dalek or mushroom? If you like geeky decorating, then this shop is a great place for you! More

Top Ten 80s TV Shows – With Geek Ties!

I went to see the A-Team this past weekend. It was AWESOME. Go see it. Anyway, I was remembering the fact that the 80s A-Team, although not being a geek-defining show had a few geek-defining actors in it. This led me to think of other 80s shows with the same thing. Then, I decided to challenge myself to a top ten list based on this revelation. My goal was to find ten awesome 80s television shows that were not geeky themselves, but starred (or at least had someone in an important supporting role) people who were previously or would go on to being geek icons of sorts. This is what I found.


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