Flickr Finds: 07/27/10

Hybrid Cosplay

We didn’t all get to go to Comic-Con this past weekend (none of us Girls Are Geeks did!) but I’m willing to bet even if you were there you didn’t see everything. Check out this Predobear by San Diego Shooter and then take a peek through the SDCC group.

Goodies for Star Wars, Cupcake, and Mac fans:


Bacon Bakin’

If it was any indication from my cupcake fandom introduction post, I like to bake, and not just your average chocolate-and-yellow-cake-with-white-icing style bake. I can’t help but get creative with flavor combinations, textures, colors, and ingredient substitutions. I’m pretty sure baking puts me in geek-out mode more than anything else I do.

This weekend (we bake on Sundays, and bring the goodies into Rosalind’s lab on Mondays. Bet you wished you worked there right about now, huh?) we made two different baked goods involving the all-time favorite among geeks and non-geeks alike: bacon. While bacon is pretty much a standard favorite, we’ve noticed lately that a lot of geeks just love it. No one has offered a good explanation for the connection, but there is one for sure.

After much consideration and long hours slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen (not totally true, but these did take awhile start-to-finish), here’s what we came up with:

Orange and caramelized bacon muffins with a candied orange peel (Breakfast Muffins, left) and chocolate chip and bacon cupcakes with peanut butter mousse filling and frosting (Bacon Cakes, right)

Check out the recipes if you’re interested, and trust me when I say you should be!

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