Weekly Link Goodness 7-17-10

Rosalind and Dawn are spending today in NYC, although we expect there to be too big a crowd to hit the Macy’s Kinect demo and still get to our show. We do plan on improving our wardrobe and toy collections at Nintendo and the new Lego store, and maybe buy a super huge Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup at Hershey’s! While we’re gone, enjoy these fun links we found!

Cooking for Engineers – if you are more analytical and less creative, here is a place for you to go wild … in your kitchen! It’s step by step with pictures, so pretty hard to mess up. Rosalind likes cooking, you should try it too!

Ensign Sue Must Die – Meet Ensign Mary Sue. You probably already know her as the perfect, beautiful, right where she’s always needed, always gets the guy random chick from all fanfiction, ever. However, someone has finally got the bright idea to get rid of her, in a good, old fashioned web comic!

100 Essential Skills for Geeks – This list put together by GeekDad and twitter lists the essential skills a geek needs. How many of these are on your ultimate resume?

Geek Chic Cosmetics – Mineral make-up made by geeks in colors to match your favorite video game characters. When your friends ask about that awesome red eyeshadow, you can go “It’s-a me, Mario, red!” How awesome is that?

Dead End Thrills – The art of screenshots. These guys have choosing perfect screenshots down, and I would love to decorate with some of them!

Geeky Wedding Favors – Check out these cute wedding favors that your geeky guests might actually want to use after the reception is over.

Zombie Jerky – Ever get the urge to just munch on some Zombies the way they munch on you? Well, now you absolutely can!

Painted Video Game Consoles – These are really incredible works of art done on video game consoles. Beautiful and functional!

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