Geeky Etsy Finds: 7/29/10

There’s lots of great art to be found on Etsy, and lots of great geeky art! Today we’ve got some you can display on your person or in your home. Let that geek shine!


Treble Clef Flash Drive Necklace

What do you make?
Mostly pendants that reference some kind of pop culture, and slightly more “serious” jewelry that has a steampunk influence. I’m working on a few t-shirt designs as well that will be listed on

Who are you and/or how did you get started?
My name is Megan and I’ve always loved craft projects. Since I can’t draw, I like to make things. My Etsy shop came about after I decided that no one was making the jewelry I myself wanted to wear. A lot of geek stuff on the web is plastic or cartoonish – I wanted something I could wear to work, something a little arty, a little stylish. I love working with copper and enamel paints, though it’s a messy business.

I also had a problem with constantly losing or damaging my flash drive, and after running through three of them, decided I needed to start wearing it around my neck – only problem was that any flash drive that was designed to be worn from a chain or lanyard was hideously ugly. So I started making my own flash drive necklaces, and most of the time no one knows that my pendant actually is a thumb drive.

What makes your items great for geeks?
Well, on both my jewelry and t-shirts, I prefer to use some kind of symbolism for whatever show, book, or movie I’m referencing – rather than a name, face, or commercial logo – because I feel like when another person comes up to me and recognizes it, I have an instant connection with a perfect stranger. That person has proven his or her geek cred to my satisfaction.

What sorts of geeky stuff are you into?
Wow, how much space do I have? I’m a Harry Potter fan, I love science fiction and fantasy, I follow all things Joss Whedon religiously, and have lately become obsessed with graphic novels. Anything that comes with at least a hint of the otherwordly is within my purview.


Video Game Themed Dessert

As you probably know from our past ridiculous-ness, Rosalind and I like to cook. And sometimes, we don’t just make normal everyday things. (Bacon cupcakes anyone?) So when Rosalind and her husband Billy decided to throw a party (read: Rock Band, board games, and alcohol night) for some of their geeky friends (read: DnD group and science lab buddies) we knew we had to make a dessert worthy of the attendees. Thus was born: Mario Cheerio Treats, with scenes based on Super Mario Bros. 3:

This isn’t a recipe post, since we just used a basic Rice Krispie Treat recipe, with Cheerios and added some peanut butter M&Ms (the best M&Ms, but seriously that is a geek-out post for another time). To decorate we just used basic white and buttercream icing and fondant (store-bought and home-made). We did fine details by dipping a toothpick in food coloring and literally drawing on the fondant.

Here’s some more pictures of our creation!


July 2010