Geeky Flickr Finds 8-31-10

Today’s Flickr finds are an interesting assortment of amusement. Also, colorful, which is nice because I’ve been staring at gray Puget Sound all day. I hope the weather gets better for PAX in three days! Okay, on with the Flickr fun.

floodllama has quite a nice stash of interesting legos including centaurs and everyone’s favorite aliens from Toy Story, but where’s the claw? (The Claw). Four more beyond the jump!

I want to go to a Geek Girl Tea Party! Clearly this is a tradition that we need to move to the US. Tea time at PAX anyone? Great idea MadlabUK!

This is definitely my kind of prayer book. I should ask Liz Henry where she got it.

Found this incredibly awesome t-shirt for the pair of computer nerds. I wonder who Igor Schwarzmann’s lucky lady is.

Also, because the scientist is running the Flickr Finds today, I will end with a cool picture of a bug, and other cool bugs can be found by Yogendra.

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