2 Days Until PAX: Concerts

PAX is just so close! The excitement is crazy. So, let me tell you about one of my absolute favorite parts of PAX: the concerts. I am a music lover, sometimes a music geek even. Therefore, being able to have two nights of geeky music concerts as part of PAX is awesome to me. Let me tell you about my favorites that you should be looking for.
A pic from the awesome PAX East concerts by Brian

Video Game Music
There are quite a few bands that re-interpret video game music in various styles, which is always fun. This year, we have Metroid Metal and the Minibosses, both of which do metal versions of game music. I got to see Metroid Metal at PAX East, and if you appreciate good guitar players, their lead is absolutely incredible. They only play Metroid music, but there’s quite a bit of that, right! I own some Minibosses songs, but I’ve never seen them live so I’m quite excited for that.

Video Game Inspired Music
This is different because the music is not the actual themes from the game, but based in the video gaming world. Anamanaguchi is a fan favorite that I saw at PAX East that use chip tunes, synthesized music through a video gaming console chip. Not my favorite, they had some bass equalization issues that I hope are better if I see them this year. Then there are the Protomen who wrote a rock opera based in the world of MegaMan. We might have a teeny, tiny crush on the Protomen.

Geek Music
Nerdcore hip-hop was essentially created by MC Frontalot, and he is still the number one guy when it comes to this genre. I’ve never been a hip-hop fan, but I cannot help get into songs such as “I Hate Your Blog” and “Final Boss”. Front (as we affectionately call him) hangs out with band members such as bass player Black Lotus, who is the funniest bass player (with the cutest butt) I’ve ever seen. They really put on a great show.

Paul and Storm are the amusement of PAX shows. They have a reputation for being a pretty awesome “Opening Band” and pretty much do Geek comedy and music. If you have never experienced the Captain’s Wife and you are at PAX, it is a must not miss event (excited Arrr!). Also, for simple reference, Paul is the one on the left. Storm is the one on the right.

Finally, the Musician Laureate of the Geek Community: Jonathan Coulton. He has captivated geeks and the world with Still Alive, Code Monkey, and of course Re: Your Brains. If you haven’t been a huge crowd making zombie arm motions and singing “no one’s gonna eat your eyes” then it is an experience not to be missed. Also, JoCo (more affectionate nicknames) recently premiered a band and new songs, which Dawn and I were lucky enough to see, and I’m hoping for more of the same this year!

So, concerts are awesome! Here’s the cheat sheet:
Friday night: Metroid Metal, Anamanaguchi, Protomen, Minibosses
We’ll probably try to get there for Protomen and Minibosses since there’s a podcast during the early parts

Saturday night: MC Frontalot, Paul and Storm, Jonathan Coulton
We’ll be in line for this concert as early as possible to be right in the front row. Want to hang out with us outside the Benaroya around 6pm to get good seats? Come, join in, we have Fluxx!

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