Weekly Link Goodness 8-14-10

Well, I’m already tired out this morning, but then again, I just ran a 5K. The rest of you probably are chilling and could use something to occupy your time, and today we have a bounty for you! Apparently, Dawn and I just couldn’t stop running across fun links for you guys. Enjoy! – Rosalind

Invisibility Cloak Technology – According to this article we are closer and closer to real cloaking devices, and we didn’t need either the Romulan’s or the Potter’s to get it, just Science! – Rosalind

Marble Track Sculpture – It is surprisingly fun to watch marbles run down very complicated tracks. – Rosalind

Marvel Comics Infographic – I love an infographic and I love some Marvel comics, enjoy! – Rosalind

Kevin van Aelst – The beautiful marriage of science and art. I would love to hang some of these prints in my house! – Dawn

Internet Meme Timeline – A guide to what Meme started when, so you can keep track of what’s new, old, and so old it’s retro. Hamster Dance, anyone? – Dawn

Pokemon Infographic – This will help you keep track of all those little guys you are supposed to catch! My pokemans … let me show you them. – Rosalind

Modern 8-Bit Games – Today’s games re-imagined as though they had to be played on an old school NES. Some actually look better that way! – Dawn

Mario Filing Cabinet – The perfect place to store your geekiest of items: old blog posts, Wil Wheaton autographs, NES games – Dawn

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