Timewaster Tuesday: Dominion, The Original Game

My newest obsession (and trust me when I say that’s quite an understatement) is a good old card game. But seriously, this isn’t your average card game. I’m talking about the deck-building adventure that is Dominion.

This game has literally taken over my apartment at school. Granted, we are a bunch of nerds, and we tend to obsess, but man, have we figured out ways to break this game … My friends describes Dominion as “interactive, competitive Magic: The Gathering deck building.” That description is pretty close, but for those of you who may not be familiar with it, let’s get a closer look More

Timewaster Tuesday: Mafia

Today’s game is an interesting one. I first learned it at Girl Scout Camp, and then didn’t hear of it for a good long while. Now, in my last year of college, we decide to play it – and lo and behold it has become so much more extravagant than it ever was in my childhood.

Today, I introduce you to the ultimate game of deception, crime, murder, and better understanding who you’re dealing with: Mafia. If you’ve heard of this game before, chances are that you’ve probably played the simple version, which I’m about to explain.

Witchdoctor, Mad Scientist, Detective, Lightning Rod .. what’s going on?


Timewaster Tuesday: Ricochet Robots

Hey readers! I hope you didn’t forget about me. School’s been tough for fall quarter, but that just means I have had a lot of destressing to do. Luckily for you, that means trips to the game store and playing new board games until ungodly hours of the morning! That means I’ll have a few games to introduce you to for the next couple weeks.

First up, one that has become a quick favorite of mine. Check out Ricochet Robots.



Flickr Finds 9-28-10

Some geeky amusement found on Flickr this past week. Enjoy!

I would have that license plate. Stop by PKMousie‘s photostream and you’ll see the car’s not half bad either!

Three more after the jump. More

Flickr Finds Week of 8-10 to 8-17

Some fun Flickr Finds, although a day late (sorry!), discovered by Dawn but narrated by Rosalind. He. He. He.

First up are some crazy gaming cupcakes made by LizzyCake who makes lots of delicious looking creations! There’s three more great pics after the jump! More

Weekly Link Goodness 8-14-10

Well, I’m already tired out this morning, but then again, I just ran a 5K. The rest of you probably are chilling and could use something to occupy your time, and today we have a bounty for you! Apparently, Dawn and I just couldn’t stop running across fun links for you guys. Enjoy! – Rosalind

Invisibility Cloak Technology – According to this article we are closer and closer to real cloaking devices, and we didn’t need either the Romulan’s or the Potter’s to get it, just Science! – Rosalind

Marble Track Sculpture – It is surprisingly fun to watch marbles run down very complicated tracks. – Rosalind

Marvel Comics Infographic – I love an infographic and I love some Marvel comics, enjoy! – Rosalind

Kevin van Aelst – The beautiful marriage of science and art. I would love to hang some of these prints in my house! – Dawn

Internet Meme Timeline – A guide to what Meme started when, so you can keep track of what’s new, old, and so old it’s retro. Hamster Dance, anyone? – Dawn

Pokemon Infographic – This will help you keep track of all those little guys you are supposed to catch! My pokemans … let me show you them. – Rosalind

Modern 8-Bit Games – Today’s games re-imagined as though they had to be played on an old school NES. Some actually look better that way! – Dawn

Mario Filing Cabinet – The perfect place to store your geekiest of items: old blog posts, Wil Wheaton autographs, NES games – Dawn

Geeky Etsy Finds 08/12/10

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time to get out your wallets/paypal account passwords and check out the cool stuff on Etsy! Today we have decorations for you, that is if you happen to be the kid from Vault 101 in a post-apocalyptic Fallout world . We also have decorations for your home, if your goal is to scare aware most of your guests. Check it out!


Fallout Vault Boy Double-sided Phone Charm

What do you make?
I make mostly jewelry and charms, a large portion out of polymer clay and/or in tiny glass bottles. I love creating miniatures, and post-apocalyptic jewelry, including my Fallout Nuka-Cola accessories. I also do acrylic paintings and ACEOs, draw, crochet plushies, make teddy bears out of recycled fur jackets, and write literary fiction.

Who are you and/or how did you get started?
My name is Alia and I’m a 26 year old wife and mother living in West Wendover, Nevada. I’ve always had creative interests and was influenced by my mother, who paints and makes jewelry.

What makes your items great for geeks?
I’m a geek myself, so I make things I like and/or can’t find anywhere else. Most of my geeky items are video game-related, like my pet metroids in bottles, but I have other quirky things, like Lucky Charms earrings, and Dragon Ball Z charms.

What sort of geeky stuff are you into?
Video games, DBZ, post-apocalyptic anything, psychobilly/macabre items, Bruce Campbell movies, sci-fi and Stephen King books, and anything to do with Japan

Flickr Finds 08/10/10

Wil Wheaton’s Soapy Discovery

Were you at GenCon? No? Missed it like us, then. No worries though, there is an abundance of photographic proof that you missed an awesome weekend over at the Group, like this one of Wil Wheaton with a Tardis soap from Dammit Liz.


Flickr Finds: 08/03/10

Meanwhile, in another castle:
Not just beautiful light graffiti, but this photograph by Armaaz is also an homage to one of the best video games ever, Super Mario Bros. for the NES. Heck yes, throwback.

Weekly Link Goodness 7-31-10

It’s a beautiful weekend in Massachusetts, and if it is by you than you should go outside and enjoy it! However, we know that’s hoping a bit too high, so here are some links to keep you occupied instead.

My New Favorite Venn Diagram – and you know how much I love Venn Diagrams! – Ros

My Little Mario Bros – I know I’ve been on a My Little Pony kick lately, but it’s just too great to pass up! – Ros

Princesses of Power – What would Disney princesses look like if they were released as comic books instead of movies? Find out – Dawn
August Guide to Science Fiction – Just in case you need to plan your life around scifi releases, now you can, in PDF format – Ros

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