Weekly Link Goodness: Mad Scientists that Smell Awesome

So, it’s a lovely day in April, which is nice because it was snowing yesterday morning. Yes, seriously. Don’t come to New England. No, really, I actually like it here even if our weather is wonky. Anyway, I’m going out running in the nice weather, but you guys should click on these links, it’ll hurt less.

BPAL DnD Perfume – Now you can match your DnD character in scent while you role-play from Black Pheonix Alchemy Labs

Fight for Your Right – If you haven’t seen the Beastie Boys crazy time-travel video of Fight for Your Right, you probably should

Pandemics – A whole lot of science about understanding and dealing with pandemic outbreaks which could be interesting to know, or just useful for playing Pandemic.

Vampires Don’t Sparkle – That title alone should be of interest. The fact that it’s a kickstarter film makes it even more interesting. Learn about it, and maybe help out!

A History of Female Mad Scientists – Women scientists are going to take over the world, and then control every aspect of it. Didn’t you know?

Still Alive: Choral – a kids choir with lights sings everyone’s favorite Portal anthem and it’s awesome!

Geeky Woman Role Model: Ashley Eckstein

If there is one thing we are always told in life it is to reach for your dreams, and some people have many dreams and reach for all of them! That’s a pretty good description of Ashley Eckstein. Ashley is an actress who voices a role in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the visionary behind the Her Universe store which carries Star Wars themed t-shirts and other gear made specifically for women. She knows what she wants and she goes for it and makes it happen and that is why she is April’s Geeky Woman Role Model!

Check out this great Nerd Appropriate Interview with Ashley!


Geeky Flickr Finds: Link and Legos

We haven’t done a Flickr finds in a while and so I thought that I would take a look and see what fun stuff I could find. Fortunately, geeks are always on the internets and always posting things, so enjoy this mini collection of geekiness from Flickr!


Martyn Hutchby has this wonderful photo of a lego guy playing his Xbox. That has got to be one cute little controller! More pictures behind the cut!  More

Mathematical Monday: Dancing Math

I saw this and I just couldn’t resist popping it up here for a math Monday!

Who wants to try these awesome dance moves out? I know I would, that is, if I danced. Now, the real question is whether they work better in 4/4 time, 3/4 time or 6/8 time. Screw all those, let’s do 11/8! Now 1, 2, 3 – 1, 2, 3 – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Top Ten Instruments for Music Geeks


So I’m learning to play the accordion. I know, can it get any geekier? Not according to some people, it can’t! I’m playing with a full-size one that a friend owns right now, but I’m looking to buy a small one (25 keys, 12 buttons) on ebay for practice purposes. I have not yet tried Birdhouse In Your Soul: next week, I promise. Anyway, being a music geek, I was thinking about some of the crazy instruments music geeks enjoy, and I realized that there are a lot that I like, including a few that I play. Therefore, I present my favorite geeky instruments to you in no particular order!
**Just a note. I avoided instruments used in Natania’s post on GeekDad for variety!


Isn’t that the greatest name for an instrument? The didgeridoo is essentially a long wooden pipe of various lengths and types indigenous to Northern Australia. There are no valves or holes or anything so pitch adjustments are all made from the players voice and throat, although it mostly produces a drone. One of the cool things about the didgeridoo is that people have modernized it and I have seen performances on instruments made from PVC pipes. Here’s a good example of a modernized didgeridoo.


Blogiversary Contest Winners!

So, I said I’d post these Monday, and now it’s almost Wednesday … yikes! However, we had a fun little contest, I had a fun out of town trip meeting up with one of our favorite geeky ladies Autumn (who’s part of a new website the League of Extraordinary Ladies, check them out!), and I got back and collapsed for two days from insanity and jet lag. Anywho, here are our lucky winners:

Mary Beth


Eleni from RPG Called Life

Kathy from GeekMom

Who will be getting their very own lucky capacitors from our fabulous friends at Girl Geek Boutique, where you can buy your very own if you didn’t win one (along with a ton of other awesome geeky stuff!).

We also got some great ideas that you might see up and around the blog in the future (if I’m ever not traveling!).

Thanks to everyone for reading, commenting, and being awesome! You rock!

Geek Crush: Wil Wheaton

When I was about 10, I fell in love with Wil Wheaton. Okay, technically, I fell in love with Wesley Crusher. I don’t understand what girl wouldn’t fall for him. Wesley was adorable, super smart, funny, and always trying to help everybody. How would I have ever known when I was 10, however, that almost 20 years later the same guy I fell in love with would still be at the center of almost everything else I love? Being that today is the Girls Are Geeks one year anniversary, I could think of no better Geek Crush to swoon over than the one who helped to lead me down my lifetime of geekiness and still continues today to find ways to make the geek girl in me squee with nerdy delight: Wil Wheaton.

Happy Birthday … to us!

Just about anyway! On March 30th, 2010, I posted our very first post Fangirls Don’t Wear Pink and got this whole whirlwind of the last year of my life started.

It has been an incredible year. Through this blog, we have met so many wonderful people, fabulous geeky women and men, and really explored, I think, the breadth of geekdom from a number of different angles. From a numerical standpoint, in a year we went from nothing to averaging 150 hits and 100 unique visitors a day. We have over 1500 of you following my rants and links on twitter. We have published 280 posts and 14 original Venn Diagrams. Whew!

#15: Sisters and geeks are an overlapping Venn Diagram on this blog! More

Timewaster Tuesday: MagnetBalls or BuckyBalls

I am easily distracted. I’m pretty sure that’s a common problem occurence among geeks. Just to illustrate how easily distracted I am, a friend of mine brought a bunch of little magnetic balls to karaoke one night (yes I karaoke, weekly, it’s awesome, don’t judge), and the whole time I was there, I pretty much played with them. So, when the husband and I saw them at PAX East for significantly less than you can find them online, we picked up two sets. Since then, well, let’s just attribute my lack of blogging last week partially to these, how about that! Okay, they weren’t the whole reason, but I think they contributed. 

So, what’s up with these little magnets? More

Mathematical Monday: Movie Title Math

I found this originally on Geeks Are Sexy and thought that it was the perfect intersection of movie geeks, logic geeks, and math geeks. Since I’m most of the above (my husband is a bigger movie geek than me, but that means I still watch a lot of movies with him), I definitely enjoyed these and I thought you would too!

Here’s the original on Spiked Math. Oh, and there are two more:

Part 2

Part 3

So, can you get them? The only issue here is that I couldn’t find an actual answer key, but if you pop into the comments, there are plenty of great options!

Got any other ideas? I was trying to come up with something for Walk the Line, like a function from x+1 to infinity for the equation ax+c = y (like stepping up a line, get it!). Anyway. Lots of math, logic, and movie fun!

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