Top Ten Geeky Childhood Books

I have been recently thinking about the books I read as a young ‘un, as a number of them have reappeared recently in various places on my radar. I realized that I read a lot of what would be considered geeky books, although it does make me wonder if the books influenced my geekiness or if my geekiness influenced my reading choices. Either way, I made this list of my Top Ten favorite books that I read before high school that were definitely related to my geekish ways.

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Top Ten Instruments for Music Geeks


So I’m learning to play the accordion. I know, can it get any geekier? Not according to some people, it can’t! I’m playing with a full-size one that a friend owns right now, but I’m looking to buy a small one (25 keys, 12 buttons) on ebay for practice purposes. I have not yet tried Birdhouse In Your Soul: next week, I promise. Anyway, being a music geek, I was thinking about some of the crazy instruments music geeks enjoy, and I realized that there are a lot that I like, including a few that I play. Therefore, I present my favorite geeky instruments to you in no particular order!
**Just a note. I avoided instruments used in Natania’s post on GeekDad for variety!


Isn’t that the greatest name for an instrument? The didgeridoo is essentially a long wooden pipe of various lengths and types indigenous to Northern Australia. There are no valves or holes or anything so pitch adjustments are all made from the players voice and throat, although it mostly produces a drone. One of the cool things about the didgeridoo is that people have modernized it and I have seen performances on instruments made from PVC pipes. Here’s a good example of a modernized didgeridoo.


The Obligatory Top Ten Things About PAX East 2011 Post

PAX East was this past weekend, and I already want to go to the next one! Anyway, I’m going to sum up my trip the best way I know how: in a Top Ten list. Yeah, I like those.


Top Five Movie Heroines: The Guys of BabbleOn 5 Weigh In

I want to welcome you to another Geek Exchange with the Guys over at BabbleOn 5. This week, we discussed our favorite movie heroes and heroines. Today, we had the gentlemen give us their opinions on the ladies of the cinema, and we were quite impressed with their choices, most of them even pass the Bechdel Test. Let’s let them explain their choices:

Lucy and Uma Ready to Rumble

So the gals at Girls Are Geeks asked us to come up with our Top 5 Movie Heroines of all time and of course, we were happy to oblige. So after much debating and arguing that at one point even led to a Klingon blood feud, we finally decided on these five. So we proudly present to you the Babbleon5 Top 5 Movie Heroines of all time. In no particular order, except for number one.

5. The Bride from Kill Bill – This nameless character is easily recognizable as Uma Thurman in Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2. She kicked ass, took names and kept body parts. All in the name of revenge and maternal instinct. We couldn’t think of ANY other heroines who could wield a blade like she did or look as hot in the process.

4. Ripley from the Alien movies –  Ripley’s, believe it or not, one of our favorite and most original heroines. She’s smart, tough, knows how to use a gun and has great survival instincts. She fought against both hordes of aliens and corporate greed. Who can argue against that?

3.  Trinity from The Matrix –  While she isn’t the “one” she definitely makes our list of top heroines. Chic black leather, hip shades, and an impossibly cool demeanor. Plus, anyone who can act with Keenu Reeves deserves some credit.

Trinity doesn't like you

2. Sarah Conner from the Terminator series – Maternal instinct in overdrive. She is smart, thinks fast, and knows how to disassemble and clean a shot gun.. She accepts the truth no matter how horrific it may be and is determined to do everything she can to ensure her son, and humanity, survives.

And that leads us to our number one over all greatest heroine of all time …

Bella from Twilight.

Okay, seriously, we’re kidding. How about …

Buns and Guns in all their glory

1. Princess Leia – Rebel leader, freedom fighter, and princess, she was smart, tough, witty, and sexy. She endured torture, shot Stormtroopers, rode speeder bikes, and watched her home planet be destroyed, yet still she fought on.  From her iconic hair braids in Star Wars to her sizzling slave girl outfit in Return of the Jedi, no one has been copied, imitated, or  emulated as much as her. We all had crushes on her as kids and she is one of the few female action figures that graced our toy boxes. And so it is, we sing her praise, “Leia, you got us on our knees. Leia, we beg ya darlin’ please, Leia, darlin’ won‘t you ease our worries now.” She even made the phrase, “may the force be with you,” sound cool. She is, without a doubt, our top movie heroine of all time.

So there you go gang, our top five list, complete for your amusement and disagreement. Let us know what you think!


5 Things Geek Girls Should Know About Geek Guys

If you follow us on twitter, then you are already aware that this new year we are working together with the guys at BabbleOn 5 to give you all some cross-over content that we are very excited about! To get started, we decided to share some thoughts with them on what we thought geek guys should know about geek girls, and now we want to introduce these guys to you with their list of things that geek girls should know about geek guys!

Geeky Guys Review Movies

The boys of BabbleOn 5 are very excited to partner with our new favorite geeky girls for various pop culture babblings. We really learned a lot from the list the Girls Are Geeks sent over so we sent over our own list of Top Five things that geek girls should know about geek guys. More

Top Ten List of Top Ten Lists!

Have you noticed that since it is the end of the year there are a ton of Top Ten lists around? Well, since I love Top Ten lists, I’ve compiled ten of my favorites from this week for you! One stop Top Ten shopping right here.

10. Top Ten Comics of 2010

Couldn’t have a top ten 2010 compilation without some comics! Here is MTV’s take on the best comics of the year.

9. Top Ten Viral Videos of the Year

You know you watch them, so here they are, the best of the crazy viral videos that hit the internet in the last year. Will you ever look at a rainbow the same way again? I know I won’t. More

Best Disney Rides, New and Old

Typically, on Wednesday I do Top Ten lists, but today I think I’m going to do a bunch of Top Five lists instead to talk about Disney Rides. Disney rides have evolved over the years, and I’ve had the opportunity to watch that happen since I’ve been coming here for the last 26 years (I’m as old as Epcot!). So, I’m going to talk about my favorite rides of the past and what’s great now.


Top Ten Rock Songs With Science Fiction Themes

I am a bit of a music geek. I am a music theory geek, a band geek, and a classic rock geek. Therefore, I love the intersection of music and my other geeky interests, such as science fiction. I am especially amused when those two things intersect unexpectedly. Every so often it will happen, that I listen to a song, a typical song, one you would hear on the radio, and realize how much science fiction is actually in it. This is not uncommon as many musicians were inspired by scifi including Jimi Hendrix. Another favorite of mine, Savage Garden, took its name from a phrase in one of the Vampire Chronicles (Memnoch, the Devil, for those who care).

So, I made this list. I limited myself to mostly well-known artists and songs, and only one song per artist. As much as I love Jonathan Coulton and They Might Be Giants, when geeks write music about scifi, it’s apropros, but when rock musicians do it, it’s pretty cool! I’m not going to try and explain these since I didn’t write them and really, I don’t know the meanings behind them, so I just put the lyrics that I think illustrate my point the best. In no particular order, on with the list!

1. In the Year 2525 by Zager and Evans (this was a one-hit wonder that our Mothership played often)

“In the year 3535, Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lie. Everything you think, do, and say is in the pill you took today”


Top Ten Things We Loved About PAX 2010

This past weekend Dawn, Gardella, and I went to PAX Prime out in Seattle, and we had an absolute blast. Sometimes, it’s the interesting little things that really get you, so I made this list of the ten most awesome things about PAX, and some, well, you might not have suspected! The pictures in this post were taken by my husband who is starting his own blog here. Check it out, there will be more content soon, especially since he’s working on a PAX recap. If you want to see the rest of his PAX photos, they are on Flickr here.


Top Ten Instant Geek Credits

I hang out with a lot of non-geeks, and I’m sure most of you do too. Actually, I work with most of them. Well, this past week I was spending even more time with some of the people I work with since we were together at a conference, and surprisingly enough a few geeky topics made their way into conversation. I realized quickly that many of my non-geek friends still have a pretty good amount of geek credit in some form or another, including some love for everyone’s favorite Captain Tightpants. Therefore, I and blog contributor A. Cetogen brainstormed this list of things that give you an instant Geek Credit, even if you aren’t really a geek.

You Love Firefly

This is the one that started it all. One of my most seemingly non-geeky friends started talking about how great Firefly and Nathan Fillion was. I was so impressed that she knew and loved this cult thirteen episode show (and badly attended movie) that I gave her a Geek Credit on the spot. More

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