The Obligatory Top Ten Things About PAX East 2011 Post

PAX East was this past weekend, and I already want to go to the next one! Anyway, I’m going to sum up my trip the best way I know how: in a Top Ten list. Yeah, I like those.


Geeky Flickr Finds: PAX East 2011

So, Dawn and I ran around PAX East for three days and had a blast. However, we were so busy that we didn’t take any pictures! Fortunately, lots of other people did, so here is a smattering of what we saw and did through the joys of Flickr!

Nerdfest here we come!

Thanks CasualCapture for the great logo! Come on into the post to see the rest!


Warren Spector: The Intersection of Awesome!

While at PAX, I got to see the keynote by Warren Spector. Spector is a pretty awesome guy. First of all, he’s a Disney Geek, and since I’m also a Disney Geek, that’s pretty freaking awesome. He’s also an everything else geek. He gave us his brief life story and it included comics, and science fiction, and DnD. Look, I even made a Venn Diagram to explain him. Not surprisingly, my husband and I pretty much fall in the center too! Oh, and yes, that’s a hidden Mickey in the Venn Diagram, or an obvious Mickey. Still cool.

Anyway, I just want to mention a few brief points from the keynote that stood out to me. More

Top Ten Things We Loved About PAX 2010

This past weekend Dawn, Gardella, and I went to PAX Prime out in Seattle, and we had an absolute blast. Sometimes, it’s the interesting little things that really get you, so I made this list of the ten most awesome things about PAX, and some, well, you might not have suspected! The pictures in this post were taken by my husband who is starting his own blog here. Check it out, there will be more content soon, especially since he’s working on a PAX recap. If you want to see the rest of his PAX photos, they are on Flickr here.


A Most Elusive Perspective on PAX Prime

This weekend, I attended PAX Prime 2010 for the first time. Although I certainly consider myself a geek, I’m not really a gamer, and I wasn’t sure what I’d think of a convention with that as the primary focus. Sure, I play Sims 3, write in a Harry Potter play-by-post RPG, and handicap my roommate into losing many levels of New Super Mario Wii with my terrible playing. Still, I don’t really consider myself more than a casual gamer as I geek out in such a large variety of other ways. So I wasn’t sure that PAX would be enjoyable for me. I really wondered if I’d just spend the whole weekend feeling completely out of the loop and in a perpetual state of confusion.
A view of the initial crowd at the keynote in Seattle in the Benaroya Theater

Luckily, that was not at all what happened. So, I’m sure you’re wondering what did someone like me, a non-gamer, take away from my first PAX? Lots! Read on to see my list. More

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