Geek Crush: Ben Folds

I’m a piano player. Like many children, my mother started me on the piano when I was seven. However, unlike many children (Dawn and Gardella included), for me it stuck. Being the type of person and geek that I am though, I couldn’t just be a normal, classically trained piano player. No. I quit classical music around age 14 and started getting interested in blues, jazz, and rock piano. Fortunately, I had the best piano teacher ever who let me try all these interesting things (and if you live in Central Jersey and need a teacher, let me give you his name!). In that time, I became really excited by rock and roll pianists such as Billy Joel, and pieces like Jethro Tull’s Locomotive Breath and Marc Coen’s Walking in Memphis.

It was about then that a song caught my attention with a beautiful piano part as the main melody line, although the lyrics were a bit depressing, but I was teenager so I don’t think I noticed! That song was Brick by Ben Folds Five and with help of my abilities to find and translate guitar tabs from the internet, I was soon able to play Brick myself. Then I hunted down the rest of the album Whatever and Ever, Amen and it was incredible! Then I saw Ben Folds himself on whatever music station I was currently watching, and there was this little, scrawny guy with glasses. Ben Folds was totally a nerd! A music nerd for that matter. That’s about the time I fell in love.


Geek Crush: Wil Wheaton

When I was about 10, I fell in love with Wil Wheaton. Okay, technically, I fell in love with Wesley Crusher. I don’t understand what girl wouldn’t fall for him. Wesley was adorable, super smart, funny, and always trying to help everybody. How would I have ever known when I was 10, however, that almost 20 years later the same guy I fell in love with would still be at the center of almost everything else I love? Being that today is the Girls Are Geeks one year anniversary, I could think of no better Geek Crush to swoon over than the one who helped to lead me down my lifetime of geekiness and still continues today to find ways to make the geek girl in me squee with nerdy delight: Wil Wheaton.

Geek Crush: Mark Sheppard

Sometimes, you run across a guest actor who is simply incredible and amazing. Then, you run into them again, and again, and again. This is the character actor on all your favorite geeky shows. They probably spend a fair amount of in or around Vancouver. Then you start to follow them on twitter. Then you find out that they are fans of other geeky shows you watch and things you do. Then, you realize that somewhere along the line you have fallen in love.

Yup, it’s time for another Geek Crush, and today I am crushing hard on the man, the myth, the legend: Mark Sheppard.

The Man.

Geek Crush: Bl4k Lotus

Last winter, my husband took me to an MC Frontalot concert. Now, I knew quite a bit of Front’s music, Origin of Species and I Hate Your Blog most notably. I had watched Nerdcore Rising, and I thought I was ready for some serious nerdy hip hop action.

However, what I was introduced to on that stage at the Elevens in Northampton, Mass, was far more than I was expecting. Sure, there was Front, doing his thing, but it was the guy to the side of Front that really got my attention. The guy playing the bass. The guy who just let everything go as he bounced around the stage, hitting that bass, shaking his (very cute) backside, and generally appearing to have more fun than anyone else in the room. That guy was Brandon Patton also known to the Nerdcore audience as Bl4k Lotus, and this month’s Geek Crush.

Isn’t he cute when he concentrates? Other fans take better photos than me. More

Geek Crush: GeekDad’s Matt Blum

July’s geek crush in none other than the assistant editor for one of our favorite blogs, Geek Dad. We love Matt Blum (who we here at Girls Are Geeks endearingly call cerebus19 because that’s his twitter!). Why? How could you not? He writes awesome blog posts about movies, iPhones, and other geeky topics, and he’s obsessed with bacon.


Geek Crush: Protomen

For our second official geek crush, I decided to go with a new love. I was first introduced to this band through a friend who usually has questionable taste in entertainment. However, I decided to give Protomen a chance when I heard about the basic premise behind their music — telling the story of Megaman through a dramatic rock opera. Maybe it was that initial bias that made me give them a listen at all, but after seeing them live at PAX East in March of this year, oh it was love.

It may stem from my initial love of rock operas (I may or may not have a thing for Andrew Llyod Webber musicals …) but the idea of telling a story through song is definitely what started the blossom of our relationship. Their live presentation, which included wonderful costuming and theatrical performance is what brought Protomen to exclusive level of Girls Are Geeks Geek Crush.


Geek Crush: Justin McElroy

I am glad to be able to introduce a new segment to our fabulous audience this week: Geek Crush. Come on, we all have them. The guys that you fall in love with not because they look great on high def TV (although, we all have those too …), but because every time they open their mouth, something wonderful and geeky comes out. Or possibly, it’s their awesome blog posts, or their witty twitter updates that get you. Maybe it’s their collection of Star Wars figures. Something about them makes you smile just a little every time you see their twitter icon. So, once a month, one of our girls gets to steal some blog space to geek out, and probably squee just a little, over someone who they just can’t help crushing on due to their geeky awesomeness.

My husband listens to a lot of podcasts. Sometimes, they are hard to keep track of, and some of them kind of suck. However, one started getting my attention. Not just one podcast, specifically, one podcast personality: Justin McElroy from the Joystiq podcast. Somehow, he continued to grow on me, and eventually reached a status that we on Girls Are Geeks would deem: a Geek Crush.

How can you not fall in love with this guy? More

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