Future Timewaster: Amaranthine Kickstarter

We’re starting a little something new here on the blog, which is to highlight new games, including some that aren’t quite out yet. Game players tend to be creative sorts, and some are creative enough to not only improve the games they have, but to try and create whole new games. So, when we run across someone who has written or created a new game that sounds great, we’ll let you know about it so you can bookmark it as a future timewaster!

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Timewaster Tuesday: Dominion, The Original Game

My newest obsession (and trust me when I say that’s quite an understatement) is a good old card game. But seriously, this isn’t your average card game. I’m talking about the deck-building adventure that is Dominion.

This game has literally taken over my apartment at school. Granted, we are a bunch of nerds, and we tend to obsess, but man, have we figured out ways to break this game … My friends describes Dominion as “interactive, competitive Magic: The Gathering deck building.” That description is pretty close, but for those of you who may not be familiar with it, let’s get a closer look More

Timewaster Tuesday: Quick and Easy Christmas Carol Game

My family can turn anything into a game. Even Christmas Carols. The easiest games ever are alphabet games, and that’s a fun one to do with Christmas Carols too!

So, the basics of the game are that we start at A, think of a Christmas song that starts with A, and then sing it. Then we move on to B. Here are my favorites!

Angels We Have Heard on High

Birthday of a King

Coventry Carol

Deck the Halls

(Everybody’s Waitin’ For) the Man with the Bag

Frosty the Snowman

Grown-up Christmas List

Happy Holidays

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Jingle Bell Rock

Keep Christmas With You

Let it Snow!

Must Be Santa

Nuttin’ for Christmas

Oh, Holy Night

Peace on Earth – Little Drummer Boy

*Quelle est cette odeur agréable? – found by Rosalind

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Santa Clause is Coming to Town


Up on the Housetop

*Verbum caro factum est – found by Anne

Winter Wonderland

*X-mas Song – found by Rosalind, sung by Korn. Come on, it’s X!

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

*Zither Song, the – found by Mike P

Try playing this game with the relatives this season. Don’t forget to sing each song!

Also, I give eternal gratitude and virtual cookies to those who can fill in my empty letters!

UPDATE: Filled in all the letters with a little help! Thanks!

Timewaster Tuesday: Mafia

Today’s game is an interesting one. I first learned it at Girl Scout Camp, and then didn’t hear of it for a good long while. Now, in my last year of college, we decide to play it – and lo and behold it has become so much more extravagant than it ever was in my childhood.

Today, I introduce you to the ultimate game of deception, crime, murder, and better understanding who you’re dealing with: Mafia. If you’ve heard of this game before, chances are that you’ve probably played the simple version, which I’m about to explain.

Witchdoctor, Mad Scientist, Detective, Lightning Rod .. what’s going on?


Timewaster Tuesday: Disney Bingo

Since it is a well known fact that the girls at Girls Are Geeks like to make up games, it is not surprisingly that we have a few that we’ve made up related to Disney since we are there, well, often. Today’s game is a game of bingo, only not one that you play in a room with letters and numbers, but one that works on the streets of the Magic Kingdom.

You have probably seen other bingo games like this. We used to have one for long car rides when you could mark boxes for seeing things like barns and cows and certain types of restaurants. I’ve also seen similar games played during scientific talks looking for particular catch phrases or common presentation mistakes such as saying “umm” or making crazy laser circles. I like this one from PhD Comics.

Making your own game of bingo is easy and can be done for any place you go often, for us, that’s Disney. You simply find things that happen over and over again and create boards based on that list. For Disney, some of our items include seeing a small child done up entirely in Princess garb or spotting a couple wearing their respective bride and groom Mickey ears. We carry the board around the parks and mark things off as we go. The first one to fill their board has to shout “Bingo!” in the middle of wherever they are. That’s the best part!

Hopefully, as you read this, I am marking many spots on my Bingo board. Maybe we can get together and make con Bingo for PAX East this year. Who’s in?

Timewaster Tuesday: Ricochet Robots

Hey readers! I hope you didn’t forget about me. School’s been tough for fall quarter, but that just means I have had a lot of destressing to do. Luckily for you, that means trips to the game store and playing new board games until ungodly hours of the morning! That means I’ll have a few games to introduce you to for the next couple weeks.

First up, one that has become a quick favorite of mine. Check out Ricochet Robots.



Timewaster Tuesday: Rock Band 3

Once upon a time, Harmonix made a game in which I could plug in a microphone, sing along to my favorite songs, and get achievements for it. I fell in love instantly. I downloaded the entire possible playlist to my ipod and played it like crazy to learn the songs. My husband got interested in the guitar, and we spent probably far too much time going on world tours and earning fans. That game was Rock Band.

Then, Rock Band 2 came out. This version had the coveted No-Fail mode and we began to have Rock Band parties. People could take a try on the instruments knowing that it didn’t matter how many notes they hit. We got really into DLC and dropped, well, more money than I would like to talk about on bands like Journey, Bon Jovi, and Spinal Tap. Big Bottom FTW, baby!

So, this past Tuesday, the newest incarnation of Rock Band was released, to my excitement. I have been anticipating Rock Band 3 every since it was announced because as a piano player, the idea of finally getting a keyboard was so great. I was never good at either the guitar or drums, and I can only sing all night once in a while, that is, if I wanted to still have a voice. Also, I adore rock songs with piano, bells, flute, you know, fun things that could be played on a keyboard. (That’s Journey, Bruce, and Jethro Tull for those keeping score).

This weekend, I finally got the chance to test out the new Rock Band, the keyboard, and give the whole thing a trial by Halloween Party. All I have to say is: yeah, we like it!

Someday, I'll remember to take my own pictures, until then, thanks Shane!


Timewaster Tuesday: Zombie Edition

Everyone loves zombies, right! So, with Halloween coming up, I thought that I would give a quick overview of some zombie games you can play at your Halloween parties!

A game of Last Night on Earth by Jon Ross.


Timewaster Tuesday: Professor Layton

So, I think it has become clear that I like puzzles. Therefore, it is only natural that I would like Professor Layton games for the DS. Why, “Who’s Professor Layton?” You ask! Only the nicest, smartest, most gentlemanly English gentleman you will meet playing video games. His three games, subtitled The Curious Village, The Diabolical Box, and the newest game The Unwound Future, are all puzzle adventure games with the added bonuses of interesting storylines and some of the best voice acting to be found in a handheld game.

Timewaster Tuesday: Continuity

So, I’m reading articles in Google reader last night, and I come upon this one from my buddy EPBOT. I should have known it was a trick because it was called “Procrastination Station” but I’m not typically prone to distractions such as browsing silly pictures.

Unfortunately, right at the end of the post, there was a game. Not just any game, but a puzzle game. Can you see where this is going? So, I clicked on the game and, well, that was the end of my reader (which currently has 111 unread items) and everything else I was going to do! It’s called Continuity, and if you like spatial puzzles (and you know I do) you might just love it!


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