Happy Birthday … to us!

Just about anyway! On March 30th, 2010, I posted our very first post Fangirls Don’t Wear Pink and got this whole whirlwind of the last year of my life started.

It has been an incredible year. Through this blog, we have met so many wonderful people, fabulous geeky women and men, and really explored, I think, the breadth of geekdom from a number of different angles. From a numerical standpoint, in a year we went from nothing to averaging 150 hits and 100 unique visitors a day. We have over 1500 of you following my rants and links on twitter. We have published 280 posts and 14 original Venn Diagrams. Whew!

#15: Sisters and geeks are an overlapping Venn Diagram on this blog! More

Ten Geeky Things About Rosalind

So, I was tagged by Ruth to be given a blog award started by Angela at High on Life.

The Geek Girls Unite award!

And here are the rules:
List ten geeky facts about yourself and…
Pass this award onto your favorite female geeks!

1. I tend to capture, examine, and sometimes scare and release insects that are in my home instead of squishing them.

2. I own and have read the Physics of Star Trek, the Biology of Star Trek, the Star Trek Encyclopedia, and the Star Trek Chronology,

3. I write fanfiction. When I was young, it was mostly Star Trek, now it’s Supernatural.

4. I want to go visit Vancouver o that I can try and find the places that are in the X-files, Stargate, BSG, and Supernatural.

5. I have played Star Wars music (Leia’s Theme) on the piano in church.

6. I have had a rather serious crush on Wil Wheaton since I was about 12.

7. I’ve read the entire Robots and Foundation combined series by Issac Asimov

8. I do logic puzzles to relax.

9. I love the animated Hobbit. I must have watched it a million times as a kid, and can sing along to all the songs.

10. I have a small collection of stuffed microbes. Mostly bacteria, including E. coli, Shigella, and Clostridium and a brown algae.

I would like to pass this award onto and tag Emily at SciFabulous and Lorien Green at Board Game Doc.

Geography of Baking or Why I’m Glad I Live in San Francisco

Pretty much any population will tell you that there’s some prepared food that they do better then anyone else and in fact better than anyone could do somewhere else, even if they tried.  From the bagels of New York City to the toasted ravioli of St. Louis, to the Turducken of Maurice Louisianna, every town has their dish.

Well I’m here to tell you that there’s only one place in the world that’s actually true, and that place is San Francisco, California.



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