Timewaster Tuesday: Dominion, The Original Game

My newest obsession (and trust me when I say that’s quite an understatement) is a good old card game. But seriously, this isn’t your average card game. I’m talking about the deck-building adventure that is Dominion.

This game has literally taken over my apartment at school. Granted, we are a bunch of nerds, and we tend to obsess, but man, have we figured out ways to break this game … My friends describes Dominion as “interactive, competitive Magic: The Gathering deck building.” That description is pretty close, but for those of you who may not be familiar with it, let’s get a closer look More

Timewaster Tuesday: Ricochet Robots

Hey readers! I hope you didn’t forget about me. School’s been tough for fall quarter, but that just means I have had a lot of destressing to do. Luckily for you, that means trips to the game store and playing new board games until ungodly hours of the morning! That means I’ll have a few games to introduce you to for the next couple weeks.

First up, one that has become a quick favorite of mine. Check out Ricochet Robots.



Video Game Themed Dessert

As you probably know from our past ridiculous-ness, Rosalind and I like to cook. And sometimes, we don’t just make normal everyday things. (Bacon cupcakes anyone?) So when Rosalind and her husband Billy decided to throw a party (read: Rock Band, board games, and alcohol night) for some of their geeky friends (read: DnD group and science lab buddies) we knew we had to make a dessert worthy of the attendees. Thus was born: Mario Cheerio Treats, with scenes based on Super Mario Bros. 3:

This isn’t a recipe post, since we just used a basic Rice Krispie Treat recipe, with Cheerios and added some peanut butter M&Ms (the best M&Ms, but seriously that is a geek-out post for another time). To decorate we just used basic white and buttercream icing and fondant (store-bought and home-made). We did fine details by dipping a toothpick in food coloring and literally drawing on the fondant.

Here’s some more pictures of our creation!


Bacon Bakin’

If it was any indication from my cupcake fandom introduction post, I like to bake, and not just your average chocolate-and-yellow-cake-with-white-icing style bake. I can’t help but get creative with flavor combinations, textures, colors, and ingredient substitutions. I’m pretty sure baking puts me in geek-out mode more than anything else I do.

This weekend (we bake on Sundays, and bring the goodies into Rosalind’s lab on Mondays. Bet you wished you worked there right about now, huh?) we made two different baked goods involving the all-time favorite among geeks and non-geeks alike: bacon. While bacon is pretty much a standard favorite, we’ve noticed lately that a lot of geeks just love it. No one has offered a good explanation for the connection, but there is one for sure.

After much consideration and long hours slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen (not totally true, but these did take awhile start-to-finish), here’s what we came up with:

Orange and caramelized bacon muffins with a candied orange peel (Breakfast Muffins, left) and chocolate chip and bacon cupcakes with peanut butter mousse filling and frosting (Bacon Cakes, right)

Check out the recipes if you’re interested, and trust me when I say you should be!

More Video Game Themed Drinks

We really enjoyed our video game themed evening the other night, and decided that we should take just the best parts, that would be the alcoholic parts, and repeat the process with some different games. Mixing drinks is really quite fun. Drinking them is just as fun. My husband, Billy, is really the one who played these games the most and so the drinks were mainly designed by him and implemented by Dawn and myself, who are better at the logic of mixology. I am the microbiologist, you know, except when Dawn and Billy think they are the microbiologist. Then things can just get confusing. Now, without further rambling, here are our newest recipes for drinks inspired by Alan Wake, Mass Effect, and Fallout 3.

Mmmm, alcoholic haze …

Fandom Introduction: Cupcakes

Last night, Rosalind and I made the most delicious batch of gluten free cupcakes you could ever imagine. Gingerbread cake with caramalized-cinnamon filling and apple buttercream frosting. My mouth waters every time I type that out. But an obsession like this doesn’t begin with that crazy complex flavor combination described above. Cupcakes are a fandom like any other. And here I am to tell you why I’m a cupcake geek, and how it all began.

If you are a fellow fan of those miniature desserts of delectable deliciousness, creamy fillings, fluffy frostings, moist round cakes in pleated papers baked for 20 minutes at 350 degrees Farenheit … where was I going with this? Oh right, if you’re a fan read on. If you’re not, you might be by the end.


Video Game Themed Dinner and a Movie

Dawn is staying at my (Rosalind’s) place for the summer, and my husband, Billy, and I are using the opportunity to introduce her to a variety of movies and tv shows that she’s missed. One of these was The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, one of the greatest Geek documentaries about the rivalry of Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell’s attempts to get the high score in Donkey Kong.

As we planned the evening, Dawn and Billy were concocting this idea to make the fireballs from Donkey Kong as cookies. Well, then we decided that if we were going to have fireballs, there should be barrels. And what’s dessert without a few new cocktails? So Dawn decided to invent the Princess Peach and Billy, not to be outdone, started considering the drink Link’s Triforce. This continued on for a while.

Once the gluten-free flour dust had all settled, we had managed an entirely video game themed dinner, movie, dessert, and drinks based on some favorite classic Nintendo games. We thought you might want to see how this all turned out!


June 2022