New Website Address!

So, a good deal arose at a good time and we are shifting this blog from wordpress-blog-hosted to self-hosted … hooray! Right now, you shouldn’t notice too many changes except of course in the very important web address. Our new site lives at:

So, this week I will endeavor to remind everyone many times to change your bookmarks and feeds to the new site and all posts after this one next week will be on both sites, and then after that, we’ll stop using this site and switch exclusively to the new one. I don’t yet know about e-mail subscriptions, but I will look into that. UPDATE: Email subscriptions now exist on the new site!

Of the changes you might see, it does cost monies to host, so we will try to find some ways to make that money back, but I promise to be careful and Dawn is crazy about design and layout, so she won’t let any ads detract from our appearance. We’re still learning the process though, so this will be fun and exciting and new!

Thanks everyone for getting us to this point!

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