Wonder Woman Cupcakes: Frosting for the Cause

Way back in January, GeekMom posted about a site called Frosting for the Cause.  The idea behind Frosting for the Cause was that every day in 2011, bakers and bloggers would create a baked good and give a tutorial about making it to raise awareness for cancer research, especially for cancers specific to women. It’s not just about raising awareness either, it’s about giving both our time and treasure to help those with cancer. Each blogger not only provides an inspired recipe, but also donates their baked goods to those dealing with cancer and donates $25 to cancer research.

Cupcakes and community service? I simply had to get involved.

I’m pleased to say that today over on Frosting for the Cause you can find my Wonder Woman Cupcakes. Wonder Woman has been on everyone’s mind and in everyone’s RSS feed lately, and so, when looking for a theme for my cupcakes this one came to mind. Essentially, it seemed to me that every woman who has to deal with cancer is Wonder Woman and they deserve to be acknowledged as such, preferably with a gold star! Therefore, that’s what you’ll find on these cupcakes.

I want to bring up again the idea of donating these baked goods. What good is making Wonder Woman Cupcakes if I can’t actually let these wonderful women know how amazing they are? I think this is one of the best parts of this project. Sure, money is great, but getting to connect with your local cancer organization and meet the fighting on the front lines is amazing.

I donated my cupcakes to Cancer Connection in Northampton, MA. This is an organization of support for those with cancer. It is currently housed across the street from the hospital where most people will get their diagnosis. Upon entering the Cancer Connection, though, the sterile, regimented world of medicine is gone and what is provided is a place that is more like home. People are invited into the living room to sit on the couch and have a cup of tea to discuss their situation. The center holds a number of support groups and provides therapeutic massage and reiki and yoga and art classes and more aimed specifically at cancer patients. It’s a homegrown organization started in 2000 by two women touched by cancer, and it’s become quite the amazing support center. They are still expanding and now trying to raise funds to help build a garden at their new location, and because of the type of organization this is, they receive no funding from the American Cancer Society or Race for the Cure type of events, so they need community support and donations.

My recipe can be found over at Frosting for the Cause as well as my thoughts on the subject of cancer in general. However, at Girls Are Geeks if there is one thing we believe, it is that a woman can accomplish amazing things. This is about women with cancer, fighting cancer, surviving cancer, and then helping others do the same. This is about people who are truly real life Wonder Woman, and it’s about acknowledging them. So, I want you to think about the Wonder Woman in your life, and hey, maybe bake them some cupcakes!

Thank you.

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