Geeky Flickr Finds: Anime Cons Coast to Coast

I decided to go hunting for geekiness on Flickr this week. I found some! Want to see:
Last weekend while I was in Boston watching John McCrea rock out Sheep Go to Heaven, just down the road others were enjoying Anime Boston. Awrose snapped this nice Angry Birds cosplay.

More geekiness below the jump!

This past weekend, anime was connected by I-90 because Sakura Con was going on in Seattle at the same time as Anime Boston. I’m amused by that. Bade-md got this interesting shot.

North of Sakura Con, in Victoria, BC there was a concert of Video Games Live (which needs to come to Boston so I can see it!) and eternalsummertime got a Nintendo DS signed by the awesome folks involved!

Jumping back to the East Coast, here’s a nice picture of the New York City apple store by Ben Gillin. So many geeks, so few iPads.

Finally, my last photo comes from across the pond by psd. Gotta give the Brits credit, I want to know what they mean! Trip to England anyone?

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  1. Rachael
    Apr 26, 2011 @ 23:29:40

    Damn, I saw that last picture but missed that you’d switched locations and thought there was some edgy new sci-fi exhibit happening in New York. I’m sitting here all, it’s only 4 hours away and I know a totally cheap hostel I could stay in…

    England. Of course. That’s a lot more than 4 hours and even if I had the means to get there I don’t know a single cheap hostel. Hmph.


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