Weekly Link Goodness: Mad Scientists that Smell Awesome

So, it’s a lovely day in April, which is nice because it was snowing yesterday morning. Yes, seriously. Don’t come to New England. No, really, I actually like it here even if our weather is wonky. Anyway, I’m going out running in the nice weather, but you guys should click on these links, it’ll hurt less.

BPAL DnD Perfume – Now you can match your DnD character in scent while you role-play from Black Pheonix Alchemy Labs

Fight for Your Right – If you haven’t seen the Beastie Boys crazy time-travel video of Fight for Your Right, you probably should

Pandemics – A whole lot of science about understanding and dealing with pandemic outbreaks which could be interesting to know, or just useful for playing Pandemic.

Vampires Don’t Sparkle – That title alone should be of interest. The fact that it’s a kickstarter film makes it even more interesting. Learn about it, and maybe help out!

A History of Female Mad Scientists – Women scientists are going to take over the world, and then control every aspect of it. Didn’t you know?

Still Alive: Choral – a kids choir with lights sings everyone’s favorite Portal anthem and it’s awesome!

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