Geeky Woman Role Model: Ashley Eckstein

If there is one thing we are always told in life it is to reach for your dreams, and some people have many dreams and reach for all of them! That’s a pretty good description of Ashley Eckstein. Ashley is an actress who voices a role in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the visionary behind the Her Universe store which carries Star Wars themed t-shirts and other gear made specifically for women. She knows what she wants and she goes for it and makes it happen and that is why she is April’s Geeky Woman Role Model!

Check out this great Nerd Appropriate Interview with Ashley!

Her Universe is really what first caught my attention. I’ve ranted before about the dearth of geeky t-shirts made for women that women actually want to wear, and so when Her Universe opened just about a year ago I nearly jumped up and down. It was so great to see the wonderful designs and great women’s cuts without losing the reality of the characters and the scenes to an overly “girly” look. These are clothes that geek girls can be proud to wear, both around fellow fans and in our daily “real” lives. So far, Her Universe has been focused on Star Wars merchandise, but soon they will be carrying designs from our favorite SyFy shows including a personal favorite: Battlestar Galactica.

Ashley is also living a Star Wars fangirl’s dream by voicing Ahsoka since 2008 in the Cartoon Network show Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Ahsoka is a Jedi who trained with Anakin Skywalker and plays an important role in many events (not saying too much for fear of spoilers!). One of the things Ashley loves about Ahsoka is her tomboy like characteristics, reminding Ashley of herself as a teenager (which Ahsoka is). She also gets to learn from and work with a variety of wonderful voice actors. Definitely an acting dream come true.

Ashley has had some other interesting and geeky facts about her life. She’s a Disney fan who grew up in Orlando, and who’s dad worked for Disney for years. She even had her wedding reception at Disney after marrying San Diego Padres baseball player David Eckstein. She will be able to be found at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends this year checking out the new Star Tours ride  and hosting the Clone Wars: Behind the Force show. She’s also doing a monthly segment on Fictional Frontiers talking about female fandom. Ashley is well aware of the stereotypes and biases of being a female fan, especially a vocal one, of shows that were deemed previously “male-only” types of properties and she’s been a great advocate of finding better balance in science fiction fandom.

Ashley is someone who never believed that you had to give up any one thing in life to do something else. She wanted to be an actress and a clothing designer, and now she’s done both incredibly successfully. She says that her favorite quote is “Don’t just dream it. Be it.” and she really has taken those words to heart. Helping out and promoting the equality of female science fiction fandom and living her dreams without apology are why Ashley Eckstein is our Geeky Woman Role Model for April!

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