Geeky Flickr Finds: Link and Legos

We haven’t done a Flickr finds in a while and so I thought that I would take a look and see what fun stuff I could find. Fortunately, geeks are always on the internets and always posting things, so enjoy this mini collection of geekiness from Flickr!


Martyn Hutchby has this wonderful photo of a lego guy playing his Xbox. That has got to be one cute little controller! More pictures behind the cut! 

Quatzacoatl certainly knows how to chill out geek style with some Wired and a good beer. I’ve found beer geeks and tech/scifi geeks overlap quite a lot.

This is what happens when a Doctor Who fan stumbles across dog statues staring at each other. It’s like you can practically see the Tardis in the middle, just as it vanishes. Thanks gsloan for spotting this!

Video Games Live really takes their title seriously, as this flute-playing Link will attest to. I’m sure the whole concert was a great experience. Thanks to Shards of Blue for the pictures!

Finally, here’s another great Lego mod.

Athos doesn’t quite look like Keifer, but I still like them! Porthos has the best mustache. Hope you enjoyed these Flickr finds as much as I did!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kimberly Chapman
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 11:55:05

    Blink poochies FTW!


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