Weekly Link Goodness: Cartoon Themes and Science!

Could someone hop over to Punxsutawney and tell Phil that he was wrong for me, please? March is winding down and it’s still freezing up here in New England. Of course, all that means is that I sit on the computer browsing for fun things for you all instead of playing outside! So, here are some fun links for you.

Crazy Cartoon Song Mash-up – These guys have taken some of the best parts of my childhood of cartoons and created awesome out of it!

Video Game Deaths – If you are like me, you probably have died often in most video games. Well, here you can relive all of those deaths in one compilation video. Oh, and the 8-bit theme music totally makes it!

Train of Thought – Wait! Someone stole our game! Well, not exactly, this one is a bit different, but still using words to connect ideas. The only question is can you play it on a train? Hmmm?

Dr. Kaku – Hey Science! geeks, this guy talks about science! In this particular episode he dashes my hopes and dreams about photon torpedos, but he’s still got some useful information.

Seinfeld Simply Wouldn’t Be Funny Today – My husband has been rewatching Seinfeld lately, so this caught my attention. Did you ever realize how many of their issues cell phones would have solved? It’s kind of amazing how much things have changed in so short a time.

io9’s March Movie Madness – If you haven’t been voting for your favorite scifi movies then they won’t win! We are down to the wire to make sure that 2001: A Space Odyssey wins it all, come on people! Of course, I’m going to vote for KHAAAANNNN!

Scott Adams on Men’s Rights – I always liked Dilbert, and I never even worked in an office. I think that’s because I like Scott Adams dry wit about things, and he apparently effectively used that wit to argue for, or umm, against, or for, well, we’re not really sure what side of Men’s Rights he’s on, but he’s somewhere!

MeekaKitty – Finally, here’s a new video from MeekaKiity about Zelda and Link’s tumultuous relationship to enjoy!

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  1. Spring
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 11:13:31

    I love the wall in the background in the JasonMundayMusic video. If I ever have a baby, I’m totally doing the nursery like that!


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