Weekly Link Goodness: Help Japan Geek-Style!

Another weekend, another links post! I hope you all actually have nice weather like we do and ignore my links and get outside. Actually, don’t ignore them all, I’ve got some great stuff for you today!

Geeks Help Japan
Let’s start with some geeky fundraising opportunities for you to help the country that gives us so much of our geeky heritage.

Weethulhus For Japan – How better to help Japan than by buying baby Cthulhu’s right?

GeekDad’s Fundraising Choices – The GeekDads have compiled a nice list of some options for you.

FandomAid – When all people have to give is their writing skills, that’s what they give. Bid here for works of fanfiction in your favorite fandom and aid Japan.

Linky Goodness
Okay, back to timewasting fabulousness.

Lego Great Ball Contraption – You know those devices that move balls around in complicated ways? This one is made out of legos!

TED Talk on Engineering and Evolution – Robert Full talks here about the intersection of the natural world and the constructed world. Shouldn’t every talk be able to be Venn Diagrammed?

Astrophotography – GeekMom Sophie tells you all about taking pictures of the stars from your backyard. BTW – did you all see the Supermoon yesterday, wow!

Beautiful Science Maps – The intersection of science and art shows up in these great diagrams!

and finally, a challenge for all you gamers out there, old school and new:
Name That Video Game

Have a great day all!

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