Geeky Etsy Finds: Typewriter Key Jewelry

Today from Etsy we have something interesting, jewelry made from old typewriter keys! I’m amazed at the strange things that you can find on vintage typewriter keys. Add in some steampunk elements or owls or whatever else you like, and you have a whole lot of awesome in the form of earrings or necklaces! Check it out!

Mental Embellisher

What do you make?

I make stuff to wear around necks, on fingers, in cleavages…in fact anywhere you’d like to embellish!

Who are you and/or how did you get started?

I am a Londoner living in France. I have a background in theatre and worked as an illustrator, portrait painter and muralist for many years. Making stuff for my Etsy shop came about when the Empty Nest syndrome started as my kids grew up, now it takes up most of my waking hours 🙂

What makes your items great for geeks?

My items are small and easy to wear around the place, whether you’re on the computer or at an exhibition of Kindles. Other geeks like it when you wear them too. It snowballs….I do His n Hers stuff for matching geeky couples .

What sorts of geeky stuff are you into?

I am an obsessive speller and proofreader. I do love words 🙂
I twitch when I see a spelling mistake or grammatical error in an Etsy listing!

I love old stuff, it just looks so cool, doesn’t it!? So, go ahead and keep a piece of the typewriter generation alive, around your neck!

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