Geeky Flickr Finds: PAX East 2011

So, Dawn and I ran around PAX East for three days and had a blast. However, we were so busy that we didn’t take any pictures! Fortunately, lots of other people did, so here is a smattering of what we saw and did through the joys of Flickr!

Nerdfest here we come!

Thanks CasualCapture for the great logo! Come on into the post to see the rest!

It jumps to FTL every 33 minutes

The center was beautiful and it had so many windows that there was a ton of natural light. That is especially good when you aren’t exactly sleeping and have no sense of time because PAX has stolen all your senses.

A wild pikachu appears!

There were lots of pokemon: like floating over the Expo hall! Doug Cornelius was super effective at taking this picture. He also got a nice shot of some of our friends at GeekDad and GeekMom from their panel!

Introduce the kids to Star Trek or Star Wars first?

Also, the cosplayers were out and looking great!

Zombies better watch out for Pea Shooters!

Nice shot of the Plants vs Zombies cosplayers by Jaime Chapoy.

Yes, it was awfully hard to get around in there

There were a ton of people, 69,500 according to Khoo, but the only place you really noticed the crowds was in the Expo Hall, especially if you wanted to play a new game.

That would make for one crazy game of Munchkin!

greeneyedzeke also got this great shot of tabletop. It was like a huge board game party, with about 20,000 of your closest friends! I loved it down here and got to play some new games.


Check out the Omeganauts by the Convention Fans Blog! The one with the purple long sleeve is my friend from high school! How cool is that? I knew an Omeganaut! She lost this round, but it was still awesome. However, a girl totally made it to the final round, which might be the first time that’s every happened! Woohoo!

Don’t forget the concerts! Ryan Spalding sure didn’t.

The Untitled Jonathan Coulton Project ... and Paul and Storm

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed everyone’s pictures! I sure am glad someone took pictures. Maybe next year … probably not.



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  1. Eleni
    Mar 17, 2011 @ 20:20:22

    Piiiikaaaaachuuuuuu! Also: I have that Bananagrams game 🙂

    Looks like a good time. I wish I were still in Boston, would have been fun to go.


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