Weekly Link Goodness: Art and Zombies

It has been a while since I’ve put up any link! Or, actually, a while since I posted at all. I spent more time away from home last month than here, so I have an excuse. However, expect great things this week leading up to PAX East next weekend! Also, I now have a smartphone so that I can keep you all updated even more effectively and from places where I previously had no internet, like Atlanta airport. Seriously, shouldn’t all airports have free wifi by now? At least to make up for the insanity of everything you deal with while flying. Anyway. Here are a great deal of fun links for your weekend an be ready for new stuff Monday!

Don’t Aspire to Be Lois Lane – in this review of a number of Lois Lane comics, we find out that she was perhaps more interested in marriage than journalism. Then again, it was over 30 years ago!

Alice Meichi Li – If you didn’t notice, there’s DNA in the artwork above. If you like fairies, and fantasy, and art, and science, and literature, and almost anything pretty you should check out this artist, she’s amazing!
A Vulcan Jedi? – Could it happen? Would it happen? What do you think? I actually kind of see it with the already pretty exciting mental capacities of Vulcans and their mental control used to control the force. That would be awesome!

Let’s be honest, this graph describes your life too.
Interview With A Zombie Apocalypse Survivor – While you are thinking about it, why not take some tips from this interview by our favorite GeekSix Autumn with a survivor through twitter!

Nintendo Spreadsheet Art – I’ll admit, I’ve used excel to map out designs and things before, but this takes that idea to a whole new level, and I love it!

Goodnight Dune – Just read it. Seriously.

GeekDad March Madness – Come check out the geekiest bracket around and cast your votes for your favorite geeky everything!

Game Over Gallery – Finally, a link with something to do, that is, if you are in San Francisco and like video game inspired art!

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