Geeky Woman Role Model: Erin Robinson

I’ve been in a lot of airports and airplanes and Amtrak trains lately without internet, so I broke out some of my old school already downloaded on the computer games to play. One of those that I picked up back in September after PAX Prime is Puzzle Bots. Turns out, Puzzle Bots is crazy fun, and it was almost entirely created by an awesome geek: Erin Robinson. She’s not only a game developer and designer, but also a writer and artist with her own online comic, and she’s very involved in the indie game movement. Essentially, she’s awesome, and not only that, she’s our Geeky Woman Role Model for February!

Erin is one of those people that when she notices something doesn’t exist, rather than complain about it she just goes ahead and makes it herself. She says that she started making her games because “no one was making the games I wanted to play”. Her style of games includes logic puzzles and interesting storylines, and I don’t think you can go wrong with games like that. Her first game “Spooks” is about a ghoul in the Land of the Dead trying to keep a goldfish alive. Then, she moved on to little, lovable robots in Nanobots trying to work together to survive. Puzzle Bots, which was made with the help of WadjetEye Games, is another story about robots and the humans who created them.

Erin is a firm believer in Indie games and free games and especially in really connecting with her audience. She knows that being an indie game developer isn’t all fun and games, but it’s important to her, and she’s really gotten out there in the industry to share her ideas. She’s spoken at GDC, the Game Developer’s Conference. Her game Nanobots was selected as a finalist at IndieCade, an International Festival of Independent Games. I first found her at PAX with PuzzleBots in the PAX10 Indie Games. She also is a woman in a highly male-dominated field and making great games, not just for girls, but for everyone. She’s been a panelist at the 3G Summit, the Future of Girls, Gaming, and Gender and worked with high school girls to design a game, and hopefully let them know that there is a place in the industry for them too!

She’s got quite the assortment of amusing comics on her blog. I’m particularly fond of Man Man, the superhero with the strength of two men! There’s some interesting general commentary on the life of an indie game designer and some amusing ways to handle men. Also, rejected children’s cereals. Heh. Heh.

Other fabulously geeky things about Erin I discovered shifting through her blog:
– She was a member of the marching band
– She might be a leprechaun.
– She dressed for Halloween once as Poison Ivy
– She made companion cube earrings
– She made a Psychonauts ornament that Tim Schafer hangs on the Double Fine Christmas Tree every year

Overall, Erin is a woman who sees geeky things that need to be done and gets out there and does them, regardless of big companies, gender differences, and anything else that tries to get in her way. If you are interested in great indie puzzle games, she’s the woman to talk to. All these great things make Erin this month’s Geeky Woman Role Model!

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  1. Margaret McGriff
    Feb 23, 2011 @ 14:59:38

    How cool! I definitely have to check her out!! Thanks for sharing this!


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