Geeky Etsy Finds: Don’t Forget Your Lucky Capacitor!

First of all, a little bit of business: I, Rosalind, am going on a slew of out of state interviews this week and next, and even one the week after that, therefore, the blog is likely to be somewhat quiet, though I am looking for some guest posts to help out. Be assured that we will be back to normal posting in a few weeks!

Now, onto todays awesome Etsy Find! I like sparkly things, and actually, Dawn and Gardella LOVE sparkly things, but I find them even more fun when things are sparkly and geeky. Today’s Etsy is all about combining the tech geek with the sparkly lover in your life. Here, check them out!

Geek Girl Boutique

Don't even try to resist these crystal earrings!

What do you make?

girlgeekboutique makes geekery with a wide variety of materials and themes. Materials include computer and electrical components such as resistors, capacitors, circuit boards, etc. Themes include robots, rainbows, monsters, kitties, steampunk, aliens, and general geekiness/adorableness.

Most of our creations are hand-crafted from upcycled/recycled computer and electrical components combined with traditional crafting materials such as jewelry findings and beads, and our artwork is produced by our extremely gifted and whimsical “Master Gunner Bunny Froofroo”!

Some of my favorite examples are a gorgeous resistor, capacitor, and Swarovski crystal necklace; robot love note cards; a circuit board retro cassette tape business card case; a swirling rainbows computer cable bracelet; red and copper wire-wrapped toroidal inductor stud earrings; a cute circuit board and chiffon butterflies hair clip; a shiny robot-adorned laptop sleeve/bag; pirate hello kitty earrings; a gear and cat5 cable choker; a computer memory chip and sparkly robot keychain; an adorable playful kitten bubble pendant/charm; and a geek chic cascading rainbows electronics wire layered necklace.

Oh! We also, of course, make the Lucky Capacitor, which no geek should ever be without.

Who are you and/or how did you get started?

The Crew:

Megan (Captain Girl Geek): I graduated in electrical engineering, but I have a wide (and pretty wild!) variety of experiences. I’ve started two (previous) tech-related businesses, interned in the House of Representatives, published in both scientific and creative writing journals, suffered from incapacitating illness, and won competitive ballroom dance awards, to name a few.

How did I get started? To quote the Legend of girlgeekboutique, “It all started long ago in a lab deep within NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Captain Girl Geek (CGG) rued the dearth of truly geeky jewelry and accessories…the fact that the inherent beauty of engineering components goes so often overlooked and that their artistic potential is rarely, if ever, utilized. And so, within the heart of JPL was forged a crude bracelet from copper wire and the remains of a memory chip…” You can go ahead and read the full Legend.

Jessie (First Mate): I’m a physicist working on making computers faster for everyone by using cool stuff like lasers and nanotechnology. When Megan asked me if I was interested in helping out with her new venture, I said — absolutely! If there’s ever a way I can contribute to showing the world how awesome geekery can be, I’m totally in.

Bunny Froofroo (Master Gunner): MGBF is a spunky teenager and extremely talented artist who leapt at the opportunity to contribute her talent to the cause of adding more geeky/adorable win to the world! (BTW, she has a DeviantART page at BunnyFroofroo)

What makes your items great for geeks?

Geekiness, how do we ❤ thee? Let me count the ways …
* circuit boards
* computer cables/wires
* electronic components
* engineering hardware
* unidentifiable recycled/surplus widgets
* gadget accessories (cases etc.)
* robots
* pirates
* dragons
* aliens
* mars rovers
* sea monsters
* submarines
* binary and/or morse code geekery
* ggbot “girl geek” product line
* …and other geeky win

What sorts of geeky stuff are you into?

Jessie (FM): By occupation I’m a physics geek, so any science geekery is very close to my heart. But in addition to that, I’m also a dance geek and a music geek, a sci-fi/fantasy geek and a computer geek, occasionally a classics geek (I took Latin in college), the list goes on… Basically my opinion is, if it’s worth doing something, isn’t it also worth getting geeky about it?

Megan (CGG): What she said. + robots and space. Oh, and video games (particularly World of Warcraft >^-^<).

Bunny Froofroo (MGBF): Into academics, art, reading, and writing.

Easier to dismember a computer than a bunny!


Wow! So much geeky and so much sparkle, I think I might be on overload. A lucky capacitor sure makes more sense to me than a rabbit’ s foot (and I’ve been against those since one made Sam Winchester lose a shoe), so maybe I’ll look into improving my geek luck with one. Why don’t you?



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. angela
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 11:37:52

    Awesome find. I want all their dangly earrings!


  2. Katherine
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 00:50:27

    Awesome site! Love everything 🙂


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