Weekly Link Goodness: Smooth Criminals Drink Nuka Cola

So, the weather outside is beautiful! By beautiful, I mean only just under freezing and no more than flurries. Yeah, you get jaded during winter in New England. So, I’ll probably get outside soon for a run, but for those of you hanging out inside, here’s some great stuff on the internet to keep you occupied.

Thirteen Greatest Cats in Video Game History – No, really, cats! Some interesting choices and well, just general amusement!

The Geek Group – There’s a whole bunch of people out there who do science for fun, not money. Not that science exactly makes money, but, still. Check out the cool projects these guys do just for fun!

Nerdy Girls Need Love Too – A great new song and video that really might become an anthem for all of us nerdy and geek girls out there!

The Powerpuff Girls do The Big Lebowski – Just what it says: this is too funny! Makes me wish I watched the Powerpuff Girls, for about a nanosecond, then I recover my senses.

Smooth Criminal on Cellos – Interesting instrumentals are some of my favorite guilty pleasures, and I love cellos. I once co-wrote a sonata for marimba and cellos. It was unplayable, but awesome.

Nuka Break Fan Film – Last week we had Half Life and this week it’s Fallout that has an awesome fan video to check out.

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