Weekly Link Goodness: Science and Venn Diagrams

It’s a good day in New England to sit inside and click links because it is COLD outside! If you are in the same boat, or even if you aren’t but you want to stay inside anyway, here are some links for you to click!

Malaria Parasite Invasion Video – This video captures the Plasmodium parasite that causes malaria invading and destroying a red blood cell. If you are into microbiology (that’s me!), this is totally cool.

Symphony of Science Learning – I’m pretty sure my favorite Venn Diagram is the science-music overlap, especially since I lived that Venn Diagram for three years in college (Biology major, music minor), and here we have learning about the Universe through music. Awesome!

Synonyms for Drunk – Apparently, Ben Franklin was all about the euphemisms for being drunk, because here are 200 of them to use on your friends the next time you are out for Bloodwine or Ambrosia.

Accidental Scientific Discoveries – This just shows that clumsy, lazy, forgetful scientists are the best kind (whew! I guess I’m good!). Ten major discoveries made accidentally.

Beyond Black Mesa – If you like Half-Life, check out this short indie film based in that universe.

Cinderella Castle Projection Show – Here’s a great overview of what looks like an incredible projection show in Walt Disney World on Cinderella Castle. I may have to actually check this one out in February!

Epic Hidden Mickeys – For the Venn Diagram of gamers and Disney fans, here’s a huge list of awesome Disney references to find throughout Epic Mickey. I love watching the husband play and catching musical bits and seeing ride pieces that I know!

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