Weekly Link Goodness: Star Wars and Assassins Edition

For once, I’m chilling at home this weekend, and I’ve got plenty of great links for you all to sit on your couches and join me in chilled out clicking and reading fun. I may also watch some Doctor Who!

Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination – A great gallery of pictures from this summer’s Star Wars traveling exhibits.

Super Meat Boy Piano Arrangements – If you enjoyed the Super Meat Boy music, and I know I did while my husband was trying for weeks to finish that final level, then you should listen to them on piano. Who’s getting me the sheet music?

Secret Service Assassin Study – It’s a bit of morbid science, but what is it that makes people shoot politicians? Interesting article on the subject. I personally like Sondheim’s take on it through Assassins (preferably the soundtrack with Neil Patrick Harris):”I did it because my belly burned!

NES Electric Guitar – Now, this functional guitar made out of an actual NES is truly the epitome of geek rock!

The Geekiest Disney Princess – Who is the geekiest Disney Princess? Come by GeekMom and add your opinion!

Cargo Collective – Ever wonder what to do with your old toys? How about displaying them under glass like this guy!

Wow, so much great stuff! Enjoy your weekend. Hopefully yours is warmer than mine. We’re up to a whopping 15F by noon here!


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