Geeky Woman Role Model: E from Geek’s Dream Girl

It’s a new year, a new month, and time to get started on a new crop of Geeky Women Role Models! This month, I want to introduce a woman who can’t be satisfied with just being awesomely geeky, she also has to get out there and help other geeks. She doesn’t even do that in just one way, every time I turn around I see her doing something new, geeky, and helpful. This person is E Foley of Geek’s Dream Girl, and she is our Geeky Woman Role Model for January! I first found E doing the geeky twitter thing, and I saw this Geek’s Dream Girl person. At first I was kind of like, really, is she a Geek’s Dream Girl? Well, it turns out she is totally a geek’s dream girl if that geek is single and trying to find love online, because one of the great geeky things she does is run the website Geek’s Dream Girl which is an online dating help service. Most of what they do is help write dating profiles that will truly catch the eye of the right person. They also offer advice articles and a monthly newsletter with more advice and highlighting single geeks. E is also out there in the geek trenches, running dating events at various conventions across the country. Maybe you can track her down at one of these. I intend to try at Pax East in a few months if she comes!

E has written a number of great articles for Geek’s Dream Girl, here’s a small sampling:

Cooking Is as Easy as Being a Dungeonmaster

Give Judy Your Notice and Stop Being the Nice Guy

Ways You Can Convince Potential Dates to Turn You Down

E is able to awesomely use her creative writing background, with her B.A. from Hamilton College, to take an average geek and make them shine on the internet. You might ask, why geeks? Well, other than the fact that us geeks need help (come on, we can admit that, right?), and she likes geeks, in her own words: “Smart, funny, passionate, dedicated – what’s not to like?” but she’s also got the inside track because she is a geek and dates a geek! Geek cred you ask? Coming right up …

E describes herself as the Baskin-Robbins of geekdom – that’s 31 flavors of geek for all you non ice cream lovers out there (are there any non ice cream lovers, really?). She’s a Trekkie, and the best kind at that because she loves The Next Generation. She knows her way around Doctor Who, and her ultimate dream is to own a holodeck. She’s been a casuality of Everquest and WoW and then took the tabletop world by storm with her series of the Virgin DM Monologues about running her own long term DnD game.

Another of E’s flavors of geekdom comes in the musical variety, as she plays viola (seriously, is there a geekier stringed instrument?) and was a choir and orchestra geek since a young age. She’s also my favorite kind of music geek: a theory geek! What fun is life if you can’t stop to argue about mixolydian scales? It’s a raised 13th, I tell you! What? You haven’t seen Cannibal, the Musical. First, finish reading this, then go fix that problem!

Okay, back on subject. E’s not the best console gamer, but I would love to challenge her to a game of Wii Bowling someday!

So, she’s a geek who helps geeks find love, but it turns out that she helps geeks in other ways too! If you’ve seen the tag floating around twitter #fit4gencon you might have run across E’s other passion: geeks getting fit! This is good for both single and attached geeks because most of us could stand to be a little healthier, or at least have a hand staying that way! Therefore, E created the online community Plus5Cha (that’s a +5 to your charisma) for geeks who want to help each other on the path to good health and good geekiness. I’m on there, so swing by and join us!

Currently, E spends her days writing copy for ThinkGeek (Best. Job. Ever.) and whatever free time she has left (free what?) hanging with Dave the Game, her very own geek to love, who can also be found around the interwebs at Critical Hits. So, E is a serious geek and serious about helping out other geeks, and you know what, she gets results! With all that she’s got going on, it’s amazing I see her so often around twitter, but she’s there, so swing in, say hi, and tell her that she’s awesome for being our Geeky Woman Role Model! You rock, E!

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  1. E. Foley
    Jan 12, 2011 @ 11:51:28

    Whoa, what an awesome surprise for a Wednesday! Thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂


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