Weekly Link Goodness 1/8/11

Happy Saturday everybody! I am off today in New York City doing a variety of geeky things: visiting the Nintendo World Store (gamer geek), seeing A Little Night Music (broadway geek), dinner in Hell’s Kitchen (food geek), and probably swinging into the Lego Store (duh). Since you can’t all be with me, here are some other fun, geeky things to do just on your computer! Happy clicking.

DC Women Kicking Ass – This is a great tumblr about things that the Girls Are Geeks like: comics, women, and ass-kicking!

My Name is Inigo Montoya, You Killed My Father, Prepare to Die … by Lightsaber! – ‘nuff said.

Ultimate Guide to SciFi and Fantasy TV 2011 – a quick review of everything a good geek should be watching this year … plus a whole lot of other shows! I’m in for quite a few including my current obsession Supernatural.

You Have Died of Dysentery – A little real life Oregon Trail. Watch out for deep rivers! A little bit of fun from Mega64.

The Bones: Us and Our Dice – If you are a tabletop gamer and need some new reading material, this looks great!

Bohemian Rhapsody for Four Violins – One guy, four tracks of violin, and one incredibly awesome Queen song. How can you go wrong?

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