How To Have a Geeky Christmas

Happy New Year! Since blogging was pretty minimal over the course of the holidays, we thought that we’d start the new year off by talking about all the geeky stuff that we picked up and gave each other for Christmas and that you should expect to see around the blog. First of all, let me talk about how we got this great, geeky stuff!

The Mothership is essentially the most awesome Christmas shopper in existence. I’m pretty sure she starts shopping December 26th and just stashes away everything she finds for a whole year. The rule in our family was that the Christmas shopping was done by Labor Day, and you couldn’t buy anything for yourself between then and Christmas. However, even someone as awesome as the Mothership can use a little help. First and foremost, she was directed here, since this is where we geek out about everything we would ever want. However, you know what works great to help out a Geek Mom with the Christmas shopping? An email containing the links to everything you want on Amazon and Think Geek. A few surprises are great as well, so I dropped a few websites in there with no specific items, such as Think Geek and Yellow Ibis.
So, here’s a quick run of some of the fun stuff we will be talking about over the next few weeks. I, Rosalind, will begin with a bunch of great games. My husband and I hold lots of parties where people essentially come over and play games, so new games are a necessity! I got games that are good for a party, for just a few people, or good for an individual taking a break between games, including Dominion, Pajaggle, The Village: Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow, Scrabble Flash, and Shadows over Camelot.

I’m also a science geek and I love puzzles so I got a sudoku page-a-day calendar and a couple of t-shirts with molecules on them. Specifically: a heme group because I study iron-reducing bacteria and ethidium bromide because I do DNA analysis. Also, They Might Be Giant’s album Here Comes Science. It’s not just for kids, I swear! I intend to play it in my lab, a lot!

My cooking geekiness usually gets a few good hits at Christmas, and this year included the awesome Star Wars pancake molds and cookie cutters, a magic bullet smoothie maker, a sushi set, and the Cooking for Geeks book, which combines science and cooking!

Finally, I’m a little obsessed with Supernatural. Just a little. Really. I mean, I’ve only finished the first three since Christmas.

Other geeky stuff from this Christmas included watching a lot of Friday the 13th the Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Supernatural. Us girls bought the Mothership and our father GeekMom and GeekDad shirts, respectively. I made my husband a customizable DM screem with a mini white board and corkboard. We played a one-shot DnD game on Christmas Eve run by my husband. All in all, we had a geekily fantastic time!


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  1. Jeff Jordan
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 05:00:06

    Hey Geek Girls, thanks for the post on B5! Look forward to more conversations.


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