Top Ten List of Top Ten Lists!

Have you noticed that since it is the end of the year there are a ton of Top Ten lists around? Well, since I love Top Ten lists, I’ve compiled ten of my favorites from this week for you! One stop Top Ten shopping right here.

10. Top Ten Comics of 2010

Couldn’t have a top ten 2010 compilation without some comics! Here is MTV’s take on the best comics of the year.

9. Top Ten Viral Videos of the Year

You know you watch them, so here they are, the best of the crazy viral videos that hit the internet in the last year. Will you ever look at a rainbow the same way again? I know I won’t.

8. The Best Stop Motion Lego Videos

This one may be a top 11, but it’s lego so that’s okay! I like that it’s a mic of reenactments and building too, because building things with legos is still fun!

7. Ryan Davis’s Top Ten Games of the Year

If you have never read Giant Bomb or seen one of Ryan Davis’s videos, they are just hilarious! I chose his game list as my link for a top ten games of the year because he has pretty good taste in games, but also because once you are on Giant Bomb, everyone there made a list, so you can decide who you agree with best. Also, they have the whole process of discussion taped as well, if you have a lot of hours to kill!

6. The Top Ten Funniest Video Games of 2010

As someone who tends to watch and not play these games, I can agree that many of them are quite funny. Just don’t overplay Fallout New Vegas, the soundtrack might eventually make you crazy!

5. Top Ten Geeky Girls to Spend New Year’s Eve With

This had to make my list, right! Who wouldn’t want to spend New Year’s with awesome geek girl company, and this list has a few of my friends and apparently some people I need to get out and meet right away!

4. Ten Thing Science Fiction Promised Us That We Didn’t Get

Ever since 1984 came and went, we’ve discovered that science fiction doesn’t always, or even usually get it right. Here are some examples of things we were expecting but never got.

3. Top Ten Best and Worst SciFi/Fantasy Movies of 2010

This is a two-for-one list with both best and worst movies. I still need to see a bunch of the best movies, most notably Splice, but I also think that Iron Man 2 and Tron should be moved from bad to good. Maybe I just like crummy movies?

2. Top Ten Sexy Geeks of 2010

Sexy takes on a whole new meaning when it’s geeky! Check out these real world geeks doing their thing and being awesome while doing so.

1. Top Ten Geek Resolutions for the New Year

Finally, something we can look forward to for next year, getting our geeky habits in check. I resolve to not turn absolutely everything into either a top ten list or a Venn diagram, I mean, there’s also infographics, charts, and stop animation videos that I could be using, right?

Hope you enjoyed my top ten top ten lists! Expect many more lists of superlatives in the New Year.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jeff Jordan
    Jan 03, 2011 @ 02:50:57

    Nice list. I too, happen to love the top 10 or even Top 5 list. I am with Babbleon5, can’t wait to hear from you gals. Now if I could just figure out how to change my avatar here.


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