Mathematical Monday: Packing

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and is planning a Happy New Year! How many of you traveled for your Holiday plans? I know we did. The family gathered down at the parent’s house in Florida, and although my husband and I were supposed to return yesterday, the rather insane snowstorm in the Northeast we are hanging out in Florida until tomorrow. Because of that, I packed everything yesterday and now have to pack everything again tomorrow. Fortunately, I’m a packing nut.

Yup, you heard that correctly, a packing nut. I’ve always been really excited to try and fit more stuff in smaller spaces. I think maybe it was my Girl Scout upbringing, and having to carry my week’s worth of clothes all by myself to the campsite. I tend to think of packing like a live game of irregular Tetris, and I always loved Tetris!

My unfinished packing job. Items of note: Star Wars cookie cutters, Supernatural Season 5 on BluRay, and The Who T-Shirt

Anyway, so I pack mathematically. I roll all of my clothes into tight little blocks and stack them effectively. I typically pack shows in the bottom on opposite ends of the suitcase with clothes stuck between them. After Christmas, though, is the best. We have a tons of various sized packages most of which need to be packed into the suitcases so as to limit things my parents need to ship.

The game is separating clean clothes, dirty clothes, breakable stuff, large boxes, and making each suitcase under the 50 lb limit. You have to fill holes, balance weight, adjust sizes and shapes, and be sure that less stuff will clunk while your suitcases are being thrown around. Yeah, that’s a lot of good math.

Does anyone remember the Hey, Dude episode with the beauty pageant where the one girl packed a suitcase as her talent? Yeah, that would be me. I could probably even teach it. You know why? Because it’s all about the math.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Avalyn
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 12:44:58

    I got the Star Wars cookie cutters for Christmas too! And the cooking book, Wookiee Cookies.


  2. Jesse
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 15:42:46

    I got those cookie cutters (and the pancake molds) for Christmas too!

    You also pack far better than I do – I just shoved everything into my car and will sort it out when I get home.


  3. Scarlettb
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 19:34:56

    I have the packing superpower, too! I maintain that it comes as a result of moving at least every 6 months when I was a little girl/teenager. When your parents come into your room and say, “Here are your three boxes. Anything that doesn’t fit gets donated to GoodWill” you start to get REALLY GREAT at fitting a heck of a lot of stuff into that space.

    As a grown up, it means that I can have a tiny purse that still has a first aid kit, sewing kit (with full-size scissors), notepad, makeup kit, etc.


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