Geeky Christmas Etsy Finds

Similar to our Disney collection of Etsy’s, this week I roamed Etsy looking for geeky, handmade, Christmas and other Holiday crafts. Here’s some of the great stuff I found.

Let’s start with ways to geek out your Christmas tree! How about some cute little aliens picking up this year’s tree with the UFO. Beautiful art by Full Snow Moon who also has a santa alien and santa Nessie also for the tree.

Want to give your Christmas Tree a steampunk flair? Try these from redark.

Science and math nerds, you know you love your statistics! Add a plush Normal Curve to your tree and maybe Santa will bring you some lower p-values this year. Too cute, Nausica Distribution, keep up the good work.

Finally, throw a little old school NES on your tree and play 8-bit Christmas music, with ornaments courtesy of Ministry Of Lasers.

I don’t know about you, but gift wrapping and presentation are some of my favorite parts of the season, and there’s no reason not to show your geek with those as well! Try these awesome Dr. Who holiday gift tags from Bohemian Bear.

She’s also got Ninja Kitty Holiday cards!

Here’s another gift tag with a cute little geek mouse and some mistletoe found at CottonCandyCupcake’s shop.

You also need to wrap your gifts, so how about doing so in this fabulous Christmas colored Space Invaders gift wrap from Merry Pranxter. Other gift wrap options include Klingon and Cthulhu.

Our final category is Holiday Extras!
For all of you steampunk sorts on your way to Holiday parties, try this gorgeous holly decorated hat. Beautiful craftmanship from Noble Studios Ltd.

Need something to make sure that Santa knows what kind of gifts you are into? This Star Wars stocking should do the trick! Cinders At Home sure knows how to give a geek a gift for Christmas.

Finally, just one more stocking for the robot lover in the family from Handy Jan.

I hope you enjoyed our Geeky Christmas Etsy collection, and there are tons of other ornaments and stockings to be found if you go looking. Have a Merry Christmas and/or a Happy New Year!

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