Geeky Flickr Finds 12-20-10

We are getting close to the Holiday season, and being a little bit excited about Christmas, I have some geeky Christmas pics for you all!

That’s the best kind of star for a Christmas tree. Lady Madonna is all ready for the season.


We’ve run into the Geek with his feet up before, but you’ll notice now that he’s all decked out for Christmas with lights. Kirk is keeping an eye on them, ready to call Scotty if one should go out!



I love this picture of just out of focus lights. When I used to decorate our tree with the Mothership, we would both sit on the couch across the room, take off our glasses (we both have pretty awful vision like Patrick Hoesly, and my astigmatism is legendary), and make sure that the lights were well spaced and the colors matched up correctly.


Finally: Domo as Santa! Love it, TC Harrison, just love it!

Happy Holidays all!

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