Eat Your Words: Supernatural Fanfic

Here’s another fanfic drabble that I thought was amusing even if you don’t know the show.

Spoilers/Notes: No spoilers, whenever, a bit on the gory side with some hurt Dean and Sammy playing doctor. Written for a drabble challenge, must contain the word: bite
Word count: 100

Eat Your Words

“Oww, can’t you be careful!” Dean winced as Sam cleaned the wound on his arm.

“Sorry! The edges are really jagged, and I’ve got to clean it well, you know, if you don’t want a raging infection.” Sam’s words were tough, but he tried to make his touch more gentle as he washed the gash.

Dean glanced down at dark, clotted blood and broken skin. “That is going to leave a mark.”

Sam maintained a concerned look, but Dean could see a tiny sparkle in his eyes. “I suppose that’s the last time you’ll suggest that a black dog ‘bite you’.


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