Top Ten List of Top Ten Lists!

Have you noticed that since it is the end of the year there are a ton of Top Ten lists around? Well, since I love Top Ten lists, I’ve compiled ten of my favorites from this week for you! One stop Top Ten shopping right here.

10. Top Ten Comics of 2010

Couldn’t have a top ten 2010 compilation without some comics! Here is MTV’s take on the best comics of the year.

9. Top Ten Viral Videos of the Year

You know you watch them, so here they are, the best of the crazy viral videos that hit the internet in the last year. Will you ever look at a rainbow the same way again? I know I won’t. More

Mathematical Monday: Packing

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and is planning a Happy New Year! How many of you traveled for your Holiday plans? I know we did. The family gathered down at the parent’s house in Florida, and although my husband and I were supposed to return yesterday, the rather insane snowstorm in the Northeast we are hanging out in Florida until tomorrow. Because of that, I packed everything yesterday and now have to pack everything again tomorrow. Fortunately, I’m a packing nut.

Yup, you heard that correctly, a packing nut. I’ve always been really excited to try and fit more stuff in smaller spaces. I think maybe it was my Girl Scout upbringing, and having to carry my week’s worth of clothes all by myself to the campsite. I tend to think of packing like a live game of irregular Tetris, and I always loved Tetris!

My unfinished packing job. Items of note: Star Wars cookie cutters, Supernatural Season 5 on BluRay, and The Who T-Shirt


Geeky Christmas Etsy Finds

Similar to our Disney collection of Etsy’s, this week I roamed Etsy looking for geeky, handmade, Christmas and other Holiday crafts. Here’s some of the great stuff I found.

Let’s start with ways to geek out your Christmas tree! How about some cute little aliens picking up this year’s tree with the UFO. Beautiful art by Full Snow Moon who also has a santa alien and santa Nessie also for the tree.


Geeky Flickr Finds 12-20-10

We are getting close to the Holiday season, and being a little bit excited about Christmas, I have some geeky Christmas pics for you all!

That’s the best kind of star for a Christmas tree. Lady Madonna is all ready for the season.


We’ve run into the Geek with his feet up before, but you’ll notice now that he’s all decked out for Christmas with lights. Kirk is keeping an eye on them, ready to call Scotty if one should go out!



I love this picture of just out of focus lights. When I used to decorate our tree with the Mothership, we would both sit on the couch across the room, take off our glasses (we both have pretty awful vision like Patrick Hoesly, and my astigmatism is legendary), and make sure that the lights were well spaced and the colors matched up correctly.


Finally: Domo as Santa! Love it, TC Harrison, just love it!

Happy Holidays all!

Timewaster Tuesday: Quick and Easy Christmas Carol Game

My family can turn anything into a game. Even Christmas Carols. The easiest games ever are alphabet games, and that’s a fun one to do with Christmas Carols too!

So, the basics of the game are that we start at A, think of a Christmas song that starts with A, and then sing it. Then we move on to B. Here are my favorites!

Angels We Have Heard on High

Birthday of a King

Coventry Carol

Deck the Halls

(Everybody’s Waitin’ For) the Man with the Bag

Frosty the Snowman

Grown-up Christmas List

Happy Holidays

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Jingle Bell Rock

Keep Christmas With You

Let it Snow!

Must Be Santa

Nuttin’ for Christmas

Oh, Holy Night

Peace on Earth – Little Drummer Boy

*Quelle est cette odeur agréable? – found by Rosalind

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Santa Clause is Coming to Town


Up on the Housetop

*Verbum caro factum est – found by Anne

Winter Wonderland

*X-mas Song – found by Rosalind, sung by Korn. Come on, it’s X!

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

*Zither Song, the – found by Mike P

Try playing this game with the relatives this season. Don’t forget to sing each song!

Also, I give eternal gratitude and virtual cookies to those who can fill in my empty letters!

UPDATE: Filled in all the letters with a little help! Thanks!

Mathematical Monday: Advent Calendar

When we were young, we often had Advent Calendars in December. Usually, they were interesting ones. One year, we had one made of those plastic pieces that stuck to the windows. Once, we hung ornaments on a little tree. I also remember a candle that burned down a bit each night. A few times, we had little cardboard window opening ones with pieces of chocolate or tiny toys inside. Actually, we had quite a few Advent Calendars with various toys and prizes. Can you see where this is going?

Just tear it apart and eat the chocolate, you know you want to

Mmmmm, milka. How many days until Christmas? Thanks Marjolinvdkolk for the photo! More

Figure-It Friday: Christmas Songs and Snow

This is what I’ve deduced from reading my friend’s facebook status’s from across the country and around the world.

Trust me, you don't want it!I fall squarely in the middle of this graph. Seriously, to all me friends saying, “if it’s going to be this cold I wish it would snow.” No. No you don’t.

Also, I did a quick analysis of my 154 Christmas Song non-repeating itunes playlist, and discovered that if you want to write a Christmas song, you should put Christmas in the title.

Use them all for a mash-up!

Have a great weekend all!

Geeky Etsy Finds: The Space Invader Soap Edition

We here at Girls Are Geeks firmly believe in cleanliness, therefore, I have for you on Etsy today: soap! These soaps are so much fun, you won’t want to put them in the shower! Just be careful not to say any bad words like the kid from A Christmas Story, or you might end up eating some space invaders!


Even the cat wants to play with the soap More

Geeky Flickr Finds 12/14/10

I love hunting down fun things on Flickr! Today’s finds are terribly amusing, well, to a geek!

I’m not sure what this crowd of angry geeks was angry about, but they seem pretty relaxed for such a big sign! Maybe MrReebdog could explain. More after the break!


Timewaster Tuesday: Mafia

Today’s game is an interesting one. I first learned it at Girl Scout Camp, and then didn’t hear of it for a good long while. Now, in my last year of college, we decide to play it – and lo and behold it has become so much more extravagant than it ever was in my childhood.

Today, I introduce you to the ultimate game of deception, crime, murder, and better understanding who you’re dealing with: Mafia. If you’ve heard of this game before, chances are that you’ve probably played the simple version, which I’m about to explain.

Witchdoctor, Mad Scientist, Detective, Lightning Rod .. what’s going on?


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