Geeky Disney Etsy Finds

Today I am going to deviate from my usual format to bring you a small selection of my favorite Disney finds and shops on Etsy. This way, after your fabulous Thanksgiving dinner, you can go ahead and get an early start on Black Friday by buying all this great stuff. Here’s a question for you all: if you we all eventually start doing our Black Friday shopping online, will the day die out? I don’t know. I don’t shop then anyway, I go to Disney. Now you can feel like you are in Disney while buying awesome stuff. Check it out!

This fabulous jewelry shop by Tiny Wishes Come True has lots of great stuff for geeks and Disney geeks alike! She says that one of the reasons she started this shop is because “I love things that are very unique and express your inner self.” She also says “The site is a way for me to be creative and also to give people an alternative to the same old thing.” I am particularly fond of this Maleficent ornament. That’s the Evil Fairy as a dragon from Sleeping Beauty.

But if you are into less villains, she also has Baloo, Mr. Incredible, and original Mickey style pieces as well as a ton of other options. She also has a great selection of non-Disney geek stuff like this Lego Star Wars Boba Fett necklace.

Another shop with some great Disney cell phone charms is DVRDown.

With one of these Toy Story aliens, you’ll always know when The Claw is near. There’s also some great Disney Princess jewelry and Super Mario mushrooms.

Hey Apple geeks who are also Disney geeks, you can show your appreciation for your favorite old school animation with this awesome Snow White decal.


I really love this Jedi Mickey handmade T-shirt design. As the seller says, perfect for Star Wars weekends in Hollywood Studios!

If you are the crafty type yourself, you can get these knitting patterns to make yourself Heartless gloves from Kingdom Hearts, the best combination of Disney and Gaming … well, until Epic Mickey comes out on Tuesday!

And finally, here’s an adorable Christmas Eeyore earring set. Happy Holidays and Happy Holiday Shopping!


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