Best Disney Rides, New and Old

Typically, on Wednesday I do Top Ten lists, but today I think I’m going to do a bunch of Top Five lists instead to talk about Disney Rides. Disney rides have evolved over the years, and I’ve had the opportunity to watch that happen since I’ve been coming here for the last 26 years (I’m as old as Epcot!). So, I’m going to talk about my favorite rides of the past and what’s great now.

My Favorite Disney Rides – In their, corruptible, mortal state.

I have a problem with Disney World. When I call something my favorite ride, they insist upon shutting it down. Therefore, most of this list is rides that I adored that were removed for some grand plan that I totally disagree with. Time for a brief trip in the way-back machine.

5. Imagination
I know, technically, this ride is still there, but what I always adored was the Dream Finder and Figment version, and I’ve wanted Dream Finder back ever since they got rid of him, sigh.

4. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
I know you didn’t actually dive! dive! dive! and most of the fish were fake, but I still enjoyed a nice quiet submarine trip in the middle of the day, especially as a lover of marine science as a kid (although I’m in freshwater now).

3. Body Wars
This was the best simulator at Disney, the motion feel always beat Star Tours, and it was about science! so I loved it.

2. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
Where else could you take a spin through town, grab a beer in the local bar, get hit by a train, and go hang out with the devil? Yes, this was at Disney. I loved it. Now, I have to travel out to Disneyland in California if I want to ride it again.

1. Horizons
This Epcot ride was a glimpse into the future with a choose your own adventure ending, which Disney hasn’t done again, sadly. I used to like the future where we lived underwater the best.

Next up is the rides that are easiest to get on in the middle of a busy day.

5. Imagination
I never wait for than a minute for this ride. Maybe that’s because it breaks down a lot, or people have some strange objection to the purple dragon creature who stalks it, but still, I rarely see a line there.

4. Dinosaur – Animal Kingdom
It’s hidden in the back and almost never has a wait even though it has a fast pass machine. It’s also the most awesome ride ever. Ever.

3. The Great Movie Ride – Hollywood Studios
You get to ride through your favorite movies, and it’s has a huge capacity. Also, while waiting for it, you get to watch movie clips, so that’s fun.

2. The PeopleMover (a.k.a. Tomorrowland Transit Authority) – Magic Kingdom
I ignore the new name. This continuous motion ride in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland is rarely crowded and gives you a nice break from your day. I used to ride it two or three times in a row

1. Small World – Magic Kingdom
Fast loading, high capacity, you should never wait more than 20-25 minutes for it no matter what the sign says.

Here are five thrill rides that are tons of fun but our Mothership will still go on!

5. Test Track – Epcot
Somehow, they manage to make a car ride that is still twenty mph slower than the New Jersey Turnpike seem really exciting!

4. Splash Mountain – Magic Kingdom
Yeah, it looks like a really big hill, but when you get to the Laughing Place it’s all worth it

3. Aerosmith Rockin’ Roller Coaster – Hollywood Studios
It’s so smooth that unless you are a coaster fiend, you won’t even know you went upside down

2. Tower of Terror – Hollywood Studios
The randomization and storyline make this a must-see ride. You do drop, but it’s not that scary.

1. Expedition Everest – Animal Kingdom
This is a great coaster but still not so crazy as to keep mom from going on it. Also, there’s a Yeti.

Finally, Five Classics Not to Be Missed from the Magic Kingdom. These are self-explanatory.
5. Pirates of the Carribean
4. The Jungle Cruise
3. The Haunted Mansion
2. Snow White’s Scary Adventures
1. Peter Pan’s Flight

So, there are some great ideas and some nostalgia for your next Disney trip. Also, if anyone wants to work on a bring back Horizons campaign, I am totally there.

All pictures today came from Wikimedia Commons.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Odie
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 11:19:56

    I agree with this entire list. So hard. Esp Journey Into Imagination and Horizons. *single perfect tear*


  2. Erica
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 14:57:44

    I love the PeopleMover too, and you no longer have to ignore its new name! Back in August, it officially became the “Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.”


  3. Eleni
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 20:01:28

    Aw, they got rid of all those rides? But do they still have Figment? My brothers and I love him! I thought Body Wars was cool, but I think I remember my mom getting a little motion sickness from it. And I remember the choose-your-own ending thing with Horizons…but I don’t remember which ending(s) I’ve seen.

    Splash Mountain was my favorite ride. We went there in the test period before it officially opened, but it was a good thing it was running because I loved it so much. The ride that I went on the second most times was It’s a Small World–probably because the wait wasn’t very long. I never went on the Snow White ride, I think because my mom went on it as a child and was traumatized, so she never took us on the ride. Seems like I should go to Disney World again now that they have some more roller coasters, since those are always my favorite.

    Great list!


  4. Mothership
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 20:18:38

    Sadly the latest rumor is that Snow White’s Scary Adventure will be heading onto the list of “corruptible mortals”.


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