Disney Flickr Finds

Disney week continues with some great shots of Disney, Disney related stuff, and things that remind me of Disney. Oh, there’s a cute baby, a troll, and some Tron in there too! Let’s kick this off with Mickey though!

Jennifer Yeung found this Mickey in NYC. See, he hides out everywhere! I’m not sure why Mickey’s all yellow, maybe it’s an Epic Mickey thing.

Three more coming right up! 

Next we have the deadliest of mythical creatures, that is, if you are a Billy Goat Gruff. It’s a Troll from Norway in Epcot.

Troll country is a dangerous place. You might end up being made to disappear (disappear! disappear!) and being pushed back, back over the falls. Hopefully, Lucy made it out safely.

I’m super excited for Tron, and I know many of you are too. I expect to see lots of Tron advertising in Disney this week and hope to ride the Tronorail!

Apparently, Aileen Robot got to check out Tron: Legacy Pop-up Shop preview party and has some other great pics you can check out on her stream.

Finally, there is nothing cuter than the next generation of geek, and especially not cuter than the next generation of Disney geek, so here’s a great one by Periwinkle Jane to end with. I’m off to Cinderella Castle!

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