Mathematical Monday 11/22/10: Disney Math!

Since it’s Disney week here at Girls Are Geeks even your Math Monday post gets to be all about Disney! There are a lot of great numbers associated with Disney so I’ll just mention a few interesting things.

The correct proportion for Mickey Mouse’s ears are that they are half the diameter of the circle used to make his head. The ice cream that SanctumSolitude had might not be proportional, but was probably tasty!

Math never tasted so good!

Math never tasted so good!

Traditional Disney animated films have 24 frames of animation per second.

The Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios uses a complex random number generator to make it nearly impossible to know whether you are going to go up or down next.

Also, Disney was always educational and here is a clip from one of my favorites: Donald in Mathmagic Land. Donald thinks that people who like math are eggheads, but he soon finds out that math is awesome. I really like this clip because it’s about the math of music, which you know I like!

Our family, being the efficiency maniacs that we are have also devised the best ways to accomplish our goals at Disney using select series of rides and fast passes. When I was a kid, my geek Dad used to have a schedule complete with rides in the order we would ride them and at what times. We’re a bit less crazy now, but I still know how to schedule a day in any one park to accomplish everything within the specified time periods and with minimal line waits. That’s serious Disney math. By the way, if you ever need a Disney vacation planner, Dawn and I are available!


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