Weekly Link Goodness 11/20/10

Time again for links, aka, things to do while sitting on the couch on the weekend.

Single Drop of Water “Bottle” – Scientists have used a carbon fullerene to hold a single drop of water. Cool: yes, useful: I guess we’ll see!

Star Wars Weather – Check out this great Star Wars weather report put together using desktop weather widgets.

Conch Trumpets – Apparently, conch shells were the choice instruments of the day in Peru a long time ago.

NPR Rap – This girl composed a rap about NPR. That’s serious nerdcore right there.

Also, I’ve got a couple of Holiday Ideas for you all so you can get some Christmas shopping done from your couch as well!

Black Friday Deals – Joystiq has compiled a list of the great deals awaiting you on Black Friday, if you are that type of shopper.

Coventry Decor – The etsy home of geeky glassware is having a sale, free shipping on orders over $30 placed from 11/25-11/29. Also, mention Girls Are Geeks to get a free matching shot glass with your tumbler.

Bohemian Bear – This crafty etsy shop has a ton of new Christmas ornaments in the styles of Doctor Who and Star Trek and some holiday sale prices!

GeekDad’s Holiday Gift Guides – GeekDad has tons of great ideas for the geek in your life, even if they aren’t a dad!

GeekMom Holiday Gift Guides – Can’t forget about the woman’s touch, check out GeekMom’s ideas for games and books for the geeky woman in your life

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