Things We Do For Each Other: Supernatural Fanfic

The only mood I’ve been in lately is the one where I want to spend all my time writing Supernatural Fanfiction, which means that it’s hard for me to get anything else in my life done! Anyway, I thought I would share my most recent drabble with you all. It’s angsty-angst, but I like it that way.

Spoilers/warnings: This is set in Supernatural season 3 with mild spoilers, so skip if you worry about things like that. Other than that, it’s just general Sam angst, nothing special or squicky. It’s a drabble, so 100 words on the dot.

Things We Do For Each Other

Sam sat at a corner table in the small club. He didn’t want to come, but Dean asked, and it was so hard to say no to Dean, especially lately.

Dean was surrounded by girls. Sam couldn’t get in the mood.

He hated being like this, but it was just too hard. They wouldn’t even be here if Dean wasn’t going to …


Sam shivered at the thought and pulled the sweatshirt around him tightly. Dean gave him a thumbs up. Sam returned a smile and head nod.

He was glad the the lights were so bright; they hid the tears in his eyes.


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