Weekly Link Goodness 11/13/10

The links are a bit on the late side, but I’ve been all over the game stores of the Five College Area of Western Mass today, so I was a bit busy. Now, though, I have lots of time to sit on the computer and click stuff, and hopefully you do too! Enjoy.

Mario Gets Roasted – check out this video of smack talk toward our favorite plumber

Comics for the Total N00B – This is part 4 of a series that has some great ideas for comic starters and if you want something new. Go back and read the other parts!

Geek Themed Keychains – This is a pretty incredible collection of geeky keychains. I like keychains. I should get some more geeky ones. I do have a mini Ouija board!

Classic Adventure Star Wars – Some great artwork of Star Wars characters in classic adventure style.

Zombie Audio Drama – Our friends at Zaxy have recommended this Zombie audio drama series to check out, and we think you should too!

iPad Magic Fiddle – Just in case you want to learn enough to beat the Devil in Georgia, try this crazy looking app!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aradia
    Nov 14, 2010 @ 23:10:30

    Ah, what a shame that you spent the day hanging out in great places like Off the Wall and Greenfield Games!

    I loved the Geeky Keychain Collection, and that Mario Roast was hilarious. Thanks for sharing!


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