Geeky Etsy Finds 10-28-10

We continue to edge closer to the holiday season, and you know you want to buy handmade geeky gifts for your geeky friends, family, and significant others. Today we have some of the most adorable video game merchandise I’ve seen in a while, and it comes in squishy, crafty, and jewelry. Come see the fabulouslessness!

Until It Ends [Studios]

What do you make?

I create charms, jewelry and accessories out of polymer clay. You’ll find other miscellaneous items that I make, but my favorite is definitely making quality handmade charms from polymer clay. It makes every item unique with its own characteristic flair.

Who are you and/or how did you get started?

I’m an outspoken wife of a marine science technician of the US Coast Guard and stay-at-home mother of our two year old daughter – soon to include a baby boy this winter. I’ve been an “art person” my entire life and have been working toward having my own art business since I was thirteen years old. My interests and talents span several mediums of art, but have settled into jewelry-making from my mother’s crafty influence. What started out as creating graphic designs for merchandise online years ago had turned into the introduction and very persistent persuasion of my family to sell my creations online. Over the past couple of years, what I sell online has been fine-tuned into geeky creations reflecting my life-long and die-hard passion for videogames.

What makes your items great for geeks?

Most of my creations reflect a person’s “child at heart” or current undying passion for “old school” items. There are a lot of people out there like me that believe that a simple geeky charm is enough to make them feel more in tune to that retrospective and whimsical side of themselves.

What sorts of geeky stuff are you into?

From Jumpman Jr. to the SNES my father brought home when I was little, it would be ideal to say that my passion for retro icons and videogames is inspired from my youth. But the truth is that playing videogames is still a very active part of my life. Currently one of the things I enjoy the most is playing online multiplayer for Halo Reach with my family across the country quite often. I’m sure that there are countless geeky things that I do on a constant basis, but can’t pinpoint very well as they’ve been a hobby for most of my life. A mixture of my geeky interests and talents over the years had given me the diverse and original spin on my creations – and I couldn’t love it more!



What do you make?

I make bead sprites, cosplay outfits and accessories, clothing, plush toys, and pretty much anything else I think of and have time for. Right now I’m about to get started on nerdy-themed Christmas items like ornaments and stuff …  if I can get myself to stop making costumes for my dog. 🙂

Who are you and/or how did you get started?

My name is Jeni. I’m 26 and I live in Cincinnati. I got started on different crafts at different times. I’ve been making cosplay stuff since 2007 when I went to my first convention in middle Tennessee. I got started on bead sprites a couple years ago when I realized that I am pretty much incapable of making actual art. (I consider myself a craftsperson. I have little to no artistic skill.) I was drawn to bead sprites because they’re super unique looking wall or fridge decorations, and I found that I could really make them very simple or very complex, depending on my time limit and level of dedication. I’ve made all sorts since I started, but I think my favorites are the more complicated ones that take hours of re-coloring before I even begin laying down beads. It’s kind of a personal challenge.

What makes your items great for geeks?

My items are great for geeks because, really, I’ll make anything for anyone any time. I love taking commissions, and I love it just as much when I run across a person online or at a convention who sees something I’ve made and recognizes the character even if it’s obscure. I think everyone, especially people who like nerdy stuff, wants to own something that’s unique enough to be offbeat and special but familiar enough to be able to show off and have people understand what they’re looking at. The things I sell strive for that. I also put a lot of time, attention, and love into everything I make because I want to make sure people are happy with what they’ve bought, and that they are not ever going to regret it.

What sorts of geeky stuff are you into?

I’m into all sorts of geeky things. Obviously from looking at my shop you can tell that I love video games. That’s a given. Out of my love for video games naturally grew a love for cosplay. I also love comics, manga, anime, literature, movies.. I’m not sure what qualifies as geeky anymore- I’ve been super busy lately with my crafts and being pregnant with my first child, so honestly, I’m a little out of the loop. My husband is a comic writer and a graphic designer who keeps up-to-speed with the world, so I am less in touch than he is, but he does what he can to pass along the news to me. A huge love of mine is attending conventions, though, so I’m excited to have a few to look forward to in the near future.


So, now that you’ve seen the incredibleness of these handmade video game creations, go buy them! You know you want to!


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